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There are many in this world who think it is rather the world that should change them, instead of them effecting change to the world. There are others too who believe their successes and good fortunes are just happenstances, forgetting that some of their actions resulted in that success.

Time, like tide they say wait for no man. Hay is made while the sun shines.You can push for your own success stories to be told, but not without proper planning of your life.

The following steps were forwarded to me by a friend who thought my life in the coming year needed some upgrade, which I want to share with you here. Call it a truism or a New Year Resolution, and you may not be far from the truth. The points are conglomeration of elements that make life easy when followed.

1. Make friends with successful people and occasionally buy them gift and surprise them with lunch because successful people always give and hardly get, so when you give them, they value the gift a lot.
2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions and respect the relationship. Never beg your mentor for money or disrespect his or her privacy.
3. Make new positive friends as often as possible and ensure you keep the communication line open. Create a network of friends and not just connections.
5. Show kindness to everyone. Some small boys today will be big boys tomorrow. The biggest dog in the neighborhood was once a puppy. And keep the information/secret to yourself.
6. Always plan ahead and be proactive. He that plans the future work less in the future.
7. Listen to speeches and messages from great teachers. Both religious and educational.
8. Attend seminars and training on any area you need to improve yourself. Train the trainer, personal development, public speaking, sales etc.
9. Have the habit of keeping a pen and a writing pad handy because ideas come in the form of flashes. The smallest pen is bigger and better than the biggest brain.
10. Make sure at every point in time you are reading a book. If you spend 20 minutes reading daily, for 52 weeks you would have consumed 1,000,000 words.
11.Stay away from television as much as possible. You can watch educational channels. Men with big TV sit in front of them to watch men with big library.
12 Put control over your mouth, never say evil of any man, what you are not certain of should not be said. Say good of all men.
13. Always show appreciation for any good deed you received.
14. Always help someone in need.
15. Live a debt free life. What you can’t pay cash for is not your size.
16. Give out loans that you can part with as gift, so that you don’t destroy your business and relationship.
17. Create legitimate multiple source of income.

18. Save at least 10 percent of your income.

19. Invest a portion of your income. And be patient to see it grow. If what you have in your hands is not good to be called a harvest then it’s a seed, sow it.
20. Keep a good financial record of all income and expenses, so you won’t ask later “where did my money go”
21.  Be involved in community service. Control traffic, free lesson class for students etc.
22.  Keep getting better on your daily goals and dream, develop yourself on them and make sure you get to the top 10 % of your industry.
23.  Make sure you engage in exercise. It keeps your brain alert and your body fit to enjoy your success. 

24. Pray often, and know that for every success,God made it possible.
Wishing you the very best. I tell you, this will keep you going in life if you practice what you just read.

The writer, Emmanuel Henryson Okrah, is a broadcast journalist, and a reporter with Peace FM and 

His email is

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