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Socrate Sarfo’s movies can’t deny him Deputy Minister job - Bob Smith Jnr

Movie producer and actor Bob Smith Jnr says Socrates Sarfo passes for the job of Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Creative arts despite the genre of movies he makes.

In an interview with Joy News' MzGee, Bob Smith Jnr also known as ‘Diabolo Man’ has said that every filmmaker has the kind of movies he/she makes which serves as a communication between the filmmaker and the audience.

With reports suggesting that Mr Sarfo could be given the Deputy Ministerial job of the Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Ministry, many have argued that he is not fit to be appointed because of the kind of movies he produces.

The producer generated a lot of controversies some years ago when he released the movie, ‘Hot Fork’ which received a lot of flak from the general public.

Bob Smith Jnr noted that Mr Sarfo as a filmmaker makes so many movies which may not be the ‘taste’ of some people. 

He added that the kind of movies Socrates makes should not deny him the opportunity to become the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

“For me, it’s not a movie or two that somebody would have made as a filmmaker that will deter his integrity but the communication it has had with the impact of the public,” he said.

The producer said it’s okay if Mr Socrates gets the nod since he is one of theirs adding the President knows the right people for the job he requires.

“We have so many people who can serve very well but I can also say in the order of merits some people deserve to have chances before some other people,” he said.

The ‘Diabolo Man’ said he would not take up a position like that if he is offered, explaining, “I am a business man and as long as you get a position like that the public tend to say some uncouth language at you.”

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