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Amaya Episode 7 Update on Friday 12th May 2017

Amaya tells her godmother that her marriage with Horacio is over because he cheated on her. 
Emma assures Horacio he’ll have to become Cesar’s unconditional man because that is the only way he can win his trust and confidence, if he really wants money and power if not he should forget about her. 

Manuel welcomes Max, but tells him that Constanza doesn’t want to see him because of the way he never even bothered calling her about his coming home and that makes her really convinced that she doesn’t matter to him again. Max tries explaining things to Manuel but he thinks the best is to explain things to Constanza and not him.

Amaya confesses to Mariana and Dolores that she doesn’t know if she fell in love with Max but looking at the situation it seems he loves him so much but Dolores wants her to get that mentality off her mind because she is still a married woman.

Mauro remembers the day in which he and David fell in love with Florencia, and how they promised that wouldn’t ruin their friendship in spite of that but will allow Florencia to choose between the two of them the one she truly loves. He then informs his family he’ll do everything possible to contact his daughter Juliana and convince her to come back home.

Max tries calling Constanza but she refused to pick the call and rather asked her maid to do so and tell him she is asleep and can’t wake her up.

Max then shares with his family that he has a business project related to coffee and though most of them look please with it, Lucrecia and Cesar is not.

Manuel tries to convince her daughter to make up with Max but she refuses.
Max hugs Lucio and tells him he loves him very, very much more than anything in the world and boy looks so happy.

Max besieges Ivan to find out where Amaya is because he truly wants to meet her again.
Amaya dreams that she and Max are kissing each other and quickly Horacio arrives to separates them.
Amaya visits her parents’ grave with Dolores and she thanks her for being like a mother to her. Quickly, she remembers to have lived in “El Paraíso” farm when she was little, because her father was the administrator and wants to go visit it again so she asks the caretaker of the cemetery where El-praiso is located.

Mauro telephones Juliana and swears to her he only wants to make up with her because he misses her and asks her to forgive him for abandoning her but Juliana looks really sad about the situation and she feels she can’t forgive her dad.

Max asks Constanza to forgive him and she assures him, she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

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