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Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 131--132 Update on Thursday 11th May 2017

The episode starts with Neil and whole family getting ready for breakfast outing. Agam comes and asks Neil to tell what they need to order, so that he can select a restaurant. Sunny says she needs chinese, Karan says mughlai food and he cannot digest food without 1/2 kg butter. Neil says they will go a restaurant which has everything. RK comes and says he is not going as electrician is coming in some time. Naani asks him to take car of badi naani.

Neil reaches sardarji’s restaurant with family. Sardarji manager gets happy seeing Neil and Ragini and says Ragini that he is happy seeing them together again and asks where is the man whom she came with last time. Aman enters and says he was with her last time and touches her shoulder. Neil and children get irked seeing that.

Sardarji gives them table and the offers lassi saying it is crime here if they don’t have lassi. Agam says he does not want to commit crime and asks to bring lassi. Sardarji serves lassi to all. Ragini reminisces her younger days with Neil where he drinks lassi and it sticks is moustaches. She laughs seeing it. She comes out of flashback and sees Aman having lassi moustache. Neil asks him to not to wipe it as his would be wife likes it. Ragini says it was her past and her preferences have changed, so he can wipe it. Dimpy informs Karan that even Pam is at guest house. Karan thinks he is doing dating both Pam and Devika.

Pam enters RK’s room thinking it is her right. She sees his pic and holds it. RK enters and says she can keep it. She says she came in to check if his room is clean. He says she does not have to explain him anything.

Neil and family continue enjoy lassi. Sardarji comes and tells he has prepared special menu for them. Agam asks him to bring them all. He asks if they need medium spicy or spicy. 50% people say spicy and 50% medium spicy. Neil says medium, Aman spicy. Sardarji asks Ragini’s opinion. Aman says she likes spicy. He goes to bring food. Karthik comments that if they don’t have spicy food in India, they will miss a lot of things. Neil taunts him to watch on his stomach. Karthik gets nervous and walks towards washroom. Aman follows him and calls in Neil’s voice. Karthik gets afraid but relaxes seeing him. He asks not to frighten him like Neil. Aman says when he has decided to make Suhani as life partner, he should tolerate Neil with his uneven teeth and weird behavior. Karthik says he has to impress Neil. Aman asks him to try his luck.

Karthik SMSes Jignesh to come out. Jignesh comes and asks why did he call him here. He says he heard Nishi yesterday telling she cannot become pregnant, so he he has decided to make her mother. Jignesh misinterprets him and asks how can he think about his wife like this and says this is India and not his US. Karthik says he is misinterpretinghim, he meant to make her mother via IVF as he is expert in it. Jignesh happily hugs him.

While waiting for food, Agam suggests to play games. Everyone say they are bored of his game. He says they can play passing the parcel. Everyone agree finally. Jignesh also joins. Agam asks sunny to become judge. Ragini says she will not but agrees on everyone’s insistence. Game starts and they pass water bottle with music. Music stops and Karthik holds bottle. They ask him to sing old hindi song. He sings “Ek bangla bane nyaara.” Game starts again and bottle goes to Aman. Neil asks him to dance. Aman says he cannot dance as he is already injured by them. Ragini says she will dance with him and dances while Neil and children get helplessly watch them fuming.
Precap: Ragini tells Neil that he should stop taunting Aman as she likes him now and is happy with him. Neil nods ok.

The episode starts with Ragini tasting food and asking Neil not to each it as it is very spicy. He continues eating and runs into washing unable to bear acidity. Ragini follows him with water bottle and asks him why did he eat spicy food when he cannot tolerate it. While drinking water and huffing/puffing, hesays when he told he cannot have spicy food, she ordered extra spicy food. He jokes that she danced well with her would be husband. She says she danced with Aman to show him that she has accepted Aman however he is and it is better for him to stop taunting Aman. He says ok.

At farm house, RK cuts wood. Pam asks him to stop being filmy and asks if he saw Sunny Deol of Feroz Khan’s move. He says she may feel hungry after some time, so he is cutting wood. She says so
filmy and says she is not hungry yet. He talks about sports. She asks him to continue cutting wood. He says he has to cut before it rains and says he will prepare whatever she likes.

Ragini sees Neil huffing again and says he is having dental irritation and asks Nishi to give her purse. She takes medicine and gives it to Neil. Neil asks Karthik to practice all department of medicines, else they will become like Aman. Ragini fumes hearing that. Aman says he will leave and searches his key, but does not find it. Neil smirks. Waiter gives him keys and says he left them in car. Neil says today’s outing is done and takes everyone from there.

Neil prepares food for Pam. Rain comes and she comes with umbrella. He says he is habituated to drenching. She says she knows. He gets romantic and says he knows to express his love, but some people keep on waiting to propose and some think waiting is love. She gets emotional and says she always wanted to say… He gets call and leaves, leaving her emotional.

Back home in rain, Aman’s call breaks down. Agam asks what happened. Agam says a small problem and asks them to leave. Ranbir says they will leave then. Neils tops him and comes out of car. Aman says car needs to be pushed and asks her to handle steering while he pushes. Neil enjoys their drama. Aman pushes, but car does not move. Neil says he gave wrong person to drive and says she has to apply gear instead of brake.

Ragini says she knows and tries to apply reverse gear. Neil stops her and says she will hit her would he husband else. Ragini says she does not know to drive. He says she was boasting she does not need his help, but he can help her if she requests Neil please help. She says neil help. He asks her to be gentle. She says please help. He tries starting and says car won’t start with push, he will check engine. He checks and says Aman his car is exerting smoke, so they should get mechanic. Neil runs into car and sits in front seat. Neil s goes and sits next to Ragini. They both struggle to adjust. Suhani sees that and says she will go and sit next to Karthik. He says he understands what she is up to and asks her to sit silently. He starts taunting Ragini again..and then asks Ranbir to play music. He plays. They both at once asks him to stop it. A romantic song plays.

Neil with whole family reaches home. Pam asks where were they. Nishi asks her to relax and says she is acting as if she saw her in-laws. Pam says Ragini that her daughter told right for the first time. Jignesh’s parents and baa enters and mom tells Ragini they all went to picnic leaving them, so they came here. Jignesh and Nishi touch their feet and take blessings. Ragini says if they would have informed her, she would have stayed at home. Mom says it is okay and says they came here to perform pooja by Nishi and Jignesh. Neil asks what pooja. Mom says Nishi’s pregnancy pooja.

Jignesh’s mom introduces her family pandit and says he is from Canada. Pandit introduces himself, distributes visiting cards, and says he can solve any problem with mantra vidya. Nishi asks why pooja for pregnancy. Mom says with pooja, she will get pregnant soon. Ragini asks pandit when will he perform pooja. He says tomorrow and for that Nishi and Jignesh and their relatives should fast. Pam asks why relatives. He says it will increase changes more and asks Neil if he is Nishi’s papa and Ragini mama. Neil says he is Nishi papa and Ragini’s ex-husband.
Precap: Jignesh tells Nishi that he can get her pregnant through IVF.

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