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Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 147--148 Update on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

The episode starts with Ragini starting to cry vigorously reminiscing Aarav. Aman tries to console her. She starts yelling that Aarav is already angry on her and does not want to talk, now Neil freed her and took home. She continues her overacting and yelling at Neil. Aman suggests he to reach Neil’s home and if Aarav sees her, she will forgive and hug her.

Sunny tai shows Jignesh and her friend’s hugging pic to Nishi and tells she is sure Jignesh is having an affair. Nishi says just like someone clicked Ragini and Aman’s pics in wrong positions and created misunderstanding, she must have misunderstood Jignesh. Sunny asks her not to doubt her spy mind. Nishi calls Jignesh and asks him to come to Ragini’s house immediately. Neil calls Nishi and asks why did not she call. She says she thought he would not pick call after yesterday’s event. He says why would he as she is his daughter and says he has a surprise for her and asks to reach his home in the evening.
Neil tells Pam that he wants all his children present during Agam and Aarav’s birthday party. She says of course and says he taught Ragini a nice lesson by bringing Aarav home. He says he did not mean to hurt anyone and just wanted Aarav back home.

Party starts. Agam and Aarav come down wearing blazers. Everyone claps for them. Karan shows them girls and says he called 2 of his fans to entertain them. Agam gets happy, but Aarav does not react. Aarav’s friend suggests him to enjoy. Both of them start dancing with girls on Kyun ki tum hi ho….song… After dance, girls call Karan and he boasts that they want to spend time with him. He silently gives money to girls and sends them away. Karthik sees that and shows Agam.

RK comes for the party. Dimpy asks why did he come here as situation is not under control her. RK says someone invited her. Pam comes and says she invited him, thanks RK for coming and says she does not want to keep any grudge and move ahead in life. She joins Nivedita who asks why did not Ragini come yet. She says she must be coming soon.
Nishi comes and Neil shows Aarav to her and says this is her surprise. Nishi gets happy seeing her brother.

Ragini reaches Neil’s home with Aman in a car and heads in.
Neil sees RK and asks why did he call her. Pam says she called him as she does not want any differences between friends. Neil hugs him and apologizes. RK also apologizes.
Agam tells Suhani Arav should have informed mom that he is here. Nishi hugs Aarav and asks how is he. Sunny asks why did not he inform Ragini. Ragini enters with Aman and hugs Arav, but he does reciprocate reminiscing she considering him criminal wrongly and forcing him into jail. Ragini starts crying. Neil comes and calls her name Ragini Patel and asks why did she come here. Ragini asks why is he doing this to her. He says she destroyed her children’s life and he will not let her destroy their future. She is a mad woman who thinks only of her ego. Aman tries to interfere, but Neil asks him to stay away. Neil says he is taking Aarav to America.

Precap: Ragini holds Aarav’s hand and tells Neil that she has more right on Arav than him. Arav asks her to stop her drama as she always forced her decisions on him, but not any more of her nonsense.
The episode starts with Ragini starts crying out loudly and telling Neil he cannot take Aarav to America. He says he will as she ruined Aarav’s life by sending him to jail forcefully to boast herself as insaaf ki devi/truth goddess who sent her own son to jail for justice. She says she wants to change. He says she will not. She separated from him due to her ego and even spoilt his children’s life, now he will not let his children suffer because of her. She asks Aarav to come with him. He asks her to stop her drama and he will go with papa. She starts alleging Neil that he is taking revenge from her by taking Arav forcefully and brainwashing him.

Pam interferes, but Ragini asks her to stay away. She continues yelling at Neil that he is taking away Arav from her to take revenge. He asks what revenge she is talking about, she is an arrogant/egoistic woman who wants to ruin everyone’s lives to satisfy her ego. Ragini continues yelling. Arav asks her again to stop her drama. Sunny intervenes and asks if he forgot how his mother took care of her with great difficulty to bring him up. He says he did not forget how his mom sent him to jail and disowned him, he used to think of her, if she had eaten or not, but she did not turn out even after a year and when papa wants to take him to US and give him a new life, she wants to ruin it due to her ego.

Aman interferes and says he will transfer his hospital into his name. Aarav says he cannot accept it as he is not his father. Neil says if Aman marries Ragini, he will be Aarav’s stepfather and not father, Arav’s father is alive to take care of him. Aman takes Ragini from there. Neil tells his children that he wants them to start afresh with him in US and asks them to hug him. All of them hug him.
Ragini walks crying with Aman reminiscing Neil and Arav’s words.

RK consoles Pam and she starts shedding tears. Karan and Dimpy enter and ask what is happening and Karan asks RK to come with him. Devika comes fuming and asks RK how can he come to this party and asks Karan if he is not ashamed to support others instead of his brother. RK says everyone are his dear ones and even she should stop yelling at Neil’s family. She yells at Pam that she brainwashed and lured RK again. Dimpy asks how can she say that. RK starts shouting at her. She breaks their engagement and say she does not want to marry a spineless man who gets insulted often and walks out asking him not to ever see her again.
Ragini reaches home with Aman and Sunny. Mom asks where is Arav. Ragini asks where is her big suitcase and asks sunny tai to get it as Arav will be going to US with Neil. Aman tries to calm her down. Mom asks what is happening. Aman says Neil is taking Arav to US. Ragini continues her drama and asks Sunny to pack Arav’s shoes, etc. Aman asks her to relax. She says she is worried about her son’s future and there is no point in her crying and stopping him. Aman says he says everything will be alright. She says nothing can be alright now as Arav is going away from her and Neil succeeded in his revenge and is taking Arav with him. Aman asks her not to lose hope and says he is with her always.

Sunny serves diner to Aman, mom and Ragini. Ragini does not eat and continues crying. Door bell rings. Ragini runs and opens door thinking Arav has come, but its Agam instead who says she did not wish him happy birthday at all. She hugs him and starts crying.

Precap: Neil asks Ragini what does she mean she is not finding Arav’s passport. She says she is not and he knows when she gets nervous, she does not get things easily. He asks how can she miss such an important document. She asks him to go and wait outside.

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