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Italian Bride Episode 63 Update on Thursday 18th May 2017

Benito reproaches Roxana for the way she treats him, Fiorella and Gianna. She insists he goes with her. Benito refuses and leaves, he reminds her he is not her servant. She calls Gael and tells him what happen. Gael goes to Alina’s office to check on her, she assures him she is fine.

She receives a message and asks Gael to excuse her; she runs out of the office and meets with Osvaldo. She tells him his little brother is in her office, Osvaldo isn’t scared he kisses her. Alina begs him to leave; Osvaldo wants to wait until Gael leaves. She refuses and asks him to leave. Gael gets closer to the door and eavesdrops on their conversation. Osvaldo decides to leave but he wants Alina to promise to him they will talk.

As soon as Osvaldo leaves, Gael also comes out of her office and decides to leave. Sonia wants her mother to help her find a way to make sure Osvaldo doesn’t go with her to the doctor. Benito brings some sweet to Gianna and tells her about the argument with Roxana. Anibal visits Julieta late in the night at the ranch. He is worried about her and wants to make sure she is fine. He tells her Sergio was arrested for assaulting him and setting her house on fire.

Pedro enters Fiorella’s room and wonders what wrong. She tells him nothing, she was only thinking, Pedro wants to know what she is thinking about. Pedro tells her about his father’s arrest, Fiorella recalls when Julieta received the call about the incident. Fiorella tells him she was with Sergio and Julieta when the house was burning. Fiorella assures him Sergio knows nothing about the incident. She also agrees he was framed up by Anibal.

She is willing to testify to prove Sergio didn’t set the house on fire. Gael joins Roxana at the club; she keeps talking and insulting the Italians. Gael gets angry and swears he won’t let her disrespect Gianna again. Pedro stands behind Fiorella’s bedroom window while they chat. If Fiorella was to make a wish, she will wish for things to remain this way between them. Without a promise, without a past but only the present.

Pedro tells her they have made so many promises yet couldn’t keep any of them. Fiorella rushes to him and caresses his face through the windows. She tells him it is not important, she asks him not to talk anymore and prefers he remains silent. Pedro caresses her face and tries to kiss her when his phone rings. It is his father’s lawyer and Pedro decides to leave to pick the call. Anibal and Julieta argue, she knows Sergio didn’t set her house on fire. Pedro joins them and assures him his father didn’t do anything.

Anibal reminds him Sergio is in prison; Pedro is aware the police are investigating. They almost end up in a fight; Julieta comes between them and asks Anibal to leave. Fiorella tells Gianna about her kiss with Vittorio, Gianna suggests she cancel the wedding and marry Pedro. Fiorella refuses, she reminds Gianna she once cancelled the wedding for Pedro and he deceived her. Gianna wonder what she is going to do then, Fiorella is engaged to Vittorio. She intends to marry him, after all Vittorio treats her well. Belinda wants to go with her daughter to the doctor for the DNA test. Osvaldo doesn’t like the idea; Belinda wants to be present because it is happy moment.

Osvaldo disagrees, the DNA is to prove the child paternity. Belinda is aware but she wants to be present, he rudely asks her to do as she wishes and leaves. Belinda asks her daughter not to worry; she will make sure Osvaldo isn’t present. Sonia wants to know what she intend to do, Belinda tells her about her plan. Sonia hopes it works, Belinda want her to trust her. Sonia runs into Pedro and informs him they are going to the hospital for the result.

 Fiorella walks by and sees them. Frederica speaks ill of Sergio at breakfast. Sonia, Belinda and Osvaldo wait for the result at the hospital. Belinda fakes a crisis, Osvaldo isn’t move, he asks the receptionist to get her something to drink. Sonia insists he takes his mother to see a doctor, he agrees and he takes her away. He hands her over the doctor and asks Sonia to come with him for the result. Roxana barges into Gianna’s bedroom and interrupts her studies.

She accuses Gianna for turning Gael and Benito against her. Gianna doesn’t know what she is talking about, Roxana start tearing her books. Gianna retaliates and they start arguing, Roxana calls her names. Gianna doesn’t care about what Roxana thinks about her. She is nothing like Roxana who is obsessed about the men who are interested in her. She doesn’t need to prove anything to them, they just love and care about her. Roxana is a worthless woman; Roxana gets angry and destroys everything before she leaves. Gianna tires to reach for her pills and collapse

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