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Jodha Akbar Episode 127--128 Update on Friday 12th May 2017

Scene 1
Adham ask maham why are waiting, tell jalal. Maham says game has started now, i made shivani agree for the marriage. You know what when your own ditch you it hurts you alot, shivani will try to run and we will allow her, he will be hurt. We will make scene that jodha knew about tejwant and tried to save respect of her family by using mirza then you know what jalal will do. He will throw her out of palace with the fact that she played with mughals respect. Adham salutes maham’s thought.

Benazir says to zakira that because of this marriage, jalal is always busy and i am not getting chance to be close to him. Mali is very angry and i cant make him more. Maham comes and says soon you will get a chance to be close to jalal as jodha will go away from him, then you know what you have to do. I will handle everything you only keep close to jalal. She leaves. Zakira fumes and says what she thinks, we are her servants, 1st kill her. Benazir says she is just a way to jalal, she thinks i wanna go close to jalal but doesnt know i am vishkanya(poisonous lady) and is here to kill jalal.
Scene 2
hoshiyar says that two wives fought with each other, one taunted other that you will wear old dress in celebration. Ruks as what jashn? Maham says its mirza’s marriage and its with jodha’s sister. Jodha proposed this and jalal accepted this relation without even consulting you, i told you your position will be snatched. Ruks ask the meaning. Maham says special wife should always be one, so you should make all others common, when jalal called 3 wives special, i felt bad but you didnt understand then. Jodha could’ve told you about this proposal but she felt its not needed, she consulted with hamida only. Maham ask her to make her position strong. Make jodha away from jalal so jalal will be close to her.

Scene 3
jodha is dadisa and says to servant to prepare for everything and mena is not there also. Jodha says dont worry. Mirza comes and jodha sees him. She goes to him and says shivani is not here. Mirza says i know, there are some artistry work going on in palace, and shivani likes it, jodha ask so what? Mirza says be a good bhabi and tell shivani i want to spend time with her. Jodha says i will tell your love. Mirza is shy.
Scene 4
pratap fumes that bharmal made another relation with mughals and says he is a coward. From today we will have relation of hatred and war with mughal. All prince agrees with him. Guru says tulsi das is against mughals and we should join hands with him. Pratap says he is a kavi even then more powerful, we will do anything to win against mughals.

Scene 5
zakira comes to javeda who ask whether blue color will suit her in jashn. Zakira says but your cheeks should be red, javeda ask how? Zakira says in arab countries women slap themselves so it becomes red. Javeda start slapping and says true it has become red. Zakira leaves. Javeda is slapping herself, maham comes and ask why are you slapping? Javeda says face glows with this and you should also try. Maham says no i am old, javeda insists so maham says we will try on you, she slaps hard javeda and javeda falls but says you did a good job and ask for slap on other side, maham slaps on other side, javeda becomes unconscious.
Scene 6
Maham comes in kitchen and ask servants that everything should be perfect. Adham comes and says what are you doing, this way marriage will happen, maham says dont worry its nothing, when jalal will know that jodha betrayed then fun will begin, you think this jashn is for you.
On terrace, hamida and salima are with jalal, when ruks comes and says i wanna talk to jalal alone. All leaves. Ruks ask who is your special begum? Jalal says you. Ruks says then why you didnt even bother to tell me about this marriage? Why jodha bothers you alot. She insulted you, didnt change her religion. ruks says angrily that the wife which didnt accept you as husband, only pushed you, you accepted her proposal, you decided to marry your brother with her sister?. What happened to you? Where that jalal has gone infront of whom nobody can talk, nobody can insult. Why you accepted this proposal. Jalal says 1st of all this marriage is happening because mirza likes shivani, 2nd we dont need to invite our own and 3rd i still have that anger that power. Ruks says then why dont you say that jodha doesnt matter to you, he says she doesnt matter enough. He leaves. Ruks thinks today it seemed jalal was lying, i am feeling that i did wrong by not listening to maham. Jodha is a threat.

Scene 1
jodha is praying when sukanya comes from behind, jodha is happy to see her and says i was waiting for you, sukanya ask her to stop scolding and ask for a hug, they do. Jodha ask how are you? sukanya says i am fine.
Shivani is going outside, moti says she will go with her but shivani says that mirza hakim wants to meet me so you dont need to worry, i will go myself, she leaves. Maham thinks why mirza called her?

In other side of palace, mirza is supervising the artistry work on walls. He see tej’s work and compliments him, he tell tej that my fiance is coming to see it who is jodha’s lil sister, tej is tensed. Shivani comes there, maham is sneaking also. Mirza comes to shivani and thanks her for coming. He shows her the artistry work and says today our relation will be confirmed so i wanted to talk to you. I know why you came here. He points toward tej and says i know you like, you really love this. Shivani is stunned. He says if you like this work then we will do same in our palace, he make shivani meet tej and says to tej that tomorrow is our nikkah so do come. Maham thinks one side is mirza who love shivani otherside shivani loves tej, interesting. Mirza comes outside and takes leave. Shivani orders the Palanquin bearer’s to wait and hastens towards a secluded garden spot, Shivani informs Tej that there is a Party in the Palace and tomorrow is the D-Day when she will be married to Mirza. Tej assures her that there is a whole night pending to change the world and they will unite regardless of whatever .. Maham Anga , the ever present women watches this rendezvous ..

Scene 2
dadi gifts jodha a dress saying you are jalal’s wife so its your right to have this. Hamida comes and dadi gives her gifts, then hamida gives shagun to shivani, sukanya and also to jodha saying you are also sister of bride. Ruks is jealous of this. Jodha is confused that whose dress i am gonna wear tonight.

Scene 3
in hall, all mughals and rajvanshis are present for jashn. Jodha comes all dressed up, all looks at her. Jalal looks at her as she is wearing mughal dress. Maham and ruks fumes. Jodha greets dadi but goes and sits on mughals side. Hamida is happy and says i am happy that you wore this dress. Jodha says as a mughal begum i will welcome my devrani today. Maham says to ruks that see how much clever she is. Jashn starts with girls dancing on khushiyon ki sham. Rahim also dances. Jodha laughs. Maham instigate ruks saying you never listened to me now see what jodha is doing, taking your place. bahrmal tells jalal that they some gifts to give.
the gifts are presented by rajvanshis to all mughal begums which is first touched by jalal, 1st ruks comes then salima then jodha comes, jalal points her to set her nose jewelry she does. Jalal keep looking at her.

Scene 5
jalal calls jodha outside and says i wanted to say that you are looking beautiful in mughal dress, jodha smiles. Jalal says seem you will accept our religion too, jodha says no never and i wore this dress for hamida only, jalal says ok i accept but why green color, you know i like it so it seem you want to impress me along with hamida. Jodha is shy and ask can i go, jalal says one more thing, i think this dress will look more good on benazir, jodha says ok ask hamida she will give her too, it doesnt matter. Jalal says earlier it mattered now what? Jodha says i dont have any issue with it. Jalal says my experience says that when you say yes then it means no. Jodha looks at him and says i am going. She is about to leave but stops. Jalal says see you said you are going but you stopped, i wonder what you were thinking at time when you pushed me away, jodha is again leaving but jalal stops her and says why you always drop your anklet, he says take it otherwise i will be again considered as anklet thief. He holds jodha’s hand and have an intense look. He gives her back the anklet and ask her to keep it. Jodha feels something.
Precap- all are present in hall for marriage, mirza is in groom’s dress and priest says that nikkah time is over and even if bride comes now nikkah cant be done, jalal is stunned, miza is heartbroken.

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