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Jodha Akbar Episode 131--132 Update on Tuesday16th May 2017

Meanwhile,Hakim is getting dressed for the wedding,when Jalal arrives. (Jalal has finally been blessed with new clothes! His new attire was a brown-golden and dark grey printed jama). Jalal is genuinely happy seeing his little brother getting married. He tells everyone,that he will get his brother ready for the wedding now. He places Hakim's crown and then places a diamond on it.

Hakim becomes emotional as he remembers his childhood days with his brother. Jalal had always protected him,had encouraged him to be a good soldier,a good human being. He also remembered that once,when they were kids,Jalal had promised Mirza that he would get him dressed on his wedding day. Mirza sheds tears and hugs his brother.

Jalal tells him that he is very proud of him and asks him not to cry;brides cry on their wedding day,not the grooms
Jodha and Shivani are going towards the temple,when Hakim and Jalal come in front of them. Jodha compliments Hakim and says that he was looking very good today,Hakim tells her that ofcourse he was,since his brother himself helped him get ready today. Jodha looks at Jalal,feels a bit awkward but then changes the topic. Jalal tells Hakim that good that he told her,otherwise she wouldn't havecomplimented Jalal. Jodha ignores him and tells to Hakim that she compliments whenever she finds it necessary. Jalal retorts saying,oh then,i also must compliment you,you looked beautiful yesterday.
Jodha then asks permission to go to temple. Jalal happily agrees and says that if it was Shivani's wish,they can go.

When they recah temple,Jodha is immersed into prayers,when Shivani slowly vanishes. One daasi informs her that she saw Shivani going with someone on a horse. Jodha is shocked,and she runs in that direction,but it was too late.
Precap- all are present in hall for marriage, mirza is in groom’s dress and priest says that nikkah time is over and even if bride comes now nikkah cant be done, jalal is stunned, mirza is heartbroken.
Everyone is in the darbar,still awaiting for Jodha and Shivani to return from the temple. Jalal is now tensed,he comes and speaks to Bhaarmal,why was it taking so long?If it would have taken so much time,he would have told them to go after the wedding. But Jodha had told him that they would come back in sometime. Bhaarmal replies by saying he too was wondering the same;he tells Daadisaa that she shouldn't have let them go in the first place.

Jalal orders Atga to go bring them back.
Meanwhile Maham and Resham come to Jodha's chamber. As they await Jodha's return,Maham's eyes fall on an expensive looking necklace which was laying on the floor. Complaining about the maids' carelessness,she picks it up,it is now that she finds a letter along with it.
It was addressed to Jodha and it was from Shivani. She had described her love for Tej and why she was taking this drastc step.

Maham is in celebratory mood now.
In the temple,Jodha is getting worked up thinking about what she would say to Jalal and to her father. How could she face them?
Just then a few soldiers whom she had sent to go find Shivani had returned with bad news. They couldn't find her. She possibly had crossed over the Jamuna.
Jodha is shattered. How could Shivani do this?!

The atmosphere in the darbar wasn't good. All were tensed. Jalal sends more men to go find what was taking so long.
Adham comes to meet Maham and asks her what was she waiting for? Why hadn't she given the letters to Jalal till now?

Maham had other plans. She would give it to Ruqaiya instead. This would spare her all the questioning regarding where she got them from? Did she know about this before? Why hadn't she told Jalal then?
If Ruqaiya shows him the letters,he wouldn't ask her such things.

So,just as planned,Maham gives the letters(the latest one addressed to Jodha and the ones she had collected from Shivani's chamber,her live letters)to Ruqaiya and adds mirch masala-she says that she found ALL these letters from Jodha's chamber. So that means she knew about this before hand.
Ruqaiya sends Hoshiyaar to call for Jalal from the darbar. Jalal arrives,only to get ambushed. Ruqaiya tells him about how was it possible that Jalaluddin Mohammad,the great emperor gets fooled by a woman?

Jalal is furious and asks her to mind get tongue,if she wasn't his favourite wife,she would have been dead for speaking go him disrespectfully. Ruqaiya tells him that she wouldn't mind dieing,but before that he needed to know about Jodha's backstabbing.

Jodha,the woman he blindly trusts,has done nothing other than insulting him. Why does run behind her,when she doesn't even give a damn?why is he behaving like this? She overpowers his capability of thinking is it?
but not anymore,she had taken things too far this time,not only had she insulted him,but the mughal sultanate's pride was at stake this time.

She tells him that shivani had eloped with her lover and jodha knew all about it.
He asks her to read the letters. Jalal is in deep thought now.
Its night time now,Jodha finally returns to the palace. She's in tears thinking about the aftermath.
Jalal asks her to arrive in his chamber. Ruqaiya is also there. Jalal is quietly seated,as Ruqaiya fires at Jodha. Jodha tells them that she honestly didn't know about this. If she did,she wouldn't have spoken of Hakim's marriage with her. Ruqaiya asks her to stop lieing. Jodha says that she's not. Ruqaiya then asks then how did the letters land in her chamber? Jodha replies saying just how the dature ka ark had landed in salima's chamber,even though she had nothing to do with it.

Ruqaiya rubbishes it,but not Jalal. He tells Ruqaiya that Jodha was telling the truth. If she knew about it,Shivani wouldn't have written the letter addressed to her. Jodha was innocent.
If anyone was responsible,it was Bhaarmal. No wonder he wasn't hesitant marrying off his daughter to a mughal. This suggests that he knew about his daughter's love affair.So in and attempt to cover up this,he decided it was a good thing to marry her off.
Precap : Jalal is talking to Jodha,making her understand that they(either Bhaarmal or shivani) had taken advantage of his trust.The mughal sultanate is being laughed at because of his lack of judgement,so he had to punish the guilty. He had sent his soldiers to find them. Jodha protests,but Jalal's anger rises,he tells her "No,Jodhs. Not this time." He immediately tries to calm himself down,his attempt to keep his anger at bay is visible.

Jalal is going somewhere and remember priest's words that nikkah time is over. He comes and meet bharmal who has head down and gets flashback when he scolded shivani that to have some shame, he is a common worker how can you like him, he orders das to find him. Fb ends. Jalal says your daughter loved common worker you knew about it? He says i cant see tears in your eyes so tell me. Bharmal says i had no idea that she will do something like that. Jalal says you didnt know then why did you send her here then tried to make relation with mughals and readily accepted for proposal, bharmal says i am your culprit and i insulted you so i am ready for punishment. Jalal says you are my father in law and even then you did that, this is your mistake and as mughal ambassador you cheated this is your mistake so your punishment is that you will be sent to jail.

Mirza ask what are you doing jalal, he is your father in law, jalal says as a king i have to take decision as a king.
in harem all ladies are gossiping that jodha's sister was characterless and insulted jalal. Jodha listens this. They say that jalal has sent bharmal to jail. Jodha is stunned and comes to balcony where dadi , maham and ruks are also present. She see soldiers taking bharmal away and is pained. Maham says to ruks that atlast jalal took decision, ruks says yes as bharmal was at mistake not jodha. Maham taunts that rajvanshi women are characterless. Jodha thinks it hurts when your own ditches you and i have to bear this pain all life.

in morning, mirza comes to jalal who consoles mirza and says its sad that they are our own, mirza says free bharmal. Jalal says he is at mistake he knew about shivani. Mirza says what about jodha whats her fault, and why we are giving punishment to father for daughter's mistake. Jalal says bharmal cheated whole mughals and punishment is needed and that girl could have told me, mirza says maybe her values didnt allow her to tell you that she love someone, jalal says values? She ran away with someone.

 read full updates daily with pictures only at Mirza says she was in love and had to take this step and she did best for me, think if she would have married me than 3 lives would have spoiled, i had to see tej in her eyes whole life. I will come out this pain but not after marriage. Jalal ask why he is doing this? I dont have heart and doesnt understand this, mirza says when he will love , he will know why he is saying this, he will know why shivani did that. Dasi informs that jodha wants to meet jalal. Mirza says they are my culprits so i must decide their punishment and i am asking you to forgive him. He says love can make a common man stand infront of a king. And a king to bow down to someone, when you love someone you cant see them hurt and you cant give them pain, jalal is thoughtful.

jodha comes and greets mirza , he greets and leave. Jodha says to jalal that though bharmal is at fault but his mistake is not that much big, please free. She keep on pleading but jalal is only thinking about mirza's words that you cant give pain to your love. He looks intensely at crying jodha and leaves. Jodha is confused.

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