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Kumkum Bhagya : Spoiler Alert!!! Pragya turns crazy in Abhi’s love

Pragya (Srithi Jha) imagines Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwali) everywhere. In the previous episodes we have seen one of the biggest twists on the show, Abhi meets with an accident and losses his memory.This turns everything around since Abhi forgets all about his sister’s betrayal. Apart from this he forgets Pragya and the fact that he was ever married to her. This obvisiouly put Pragya in horrible state. In the upcomin episode will show that Pragya is very depressed after Abhi’s memory loss.
Pragya finds it difficult to deal with the current situation. She is no longerable to stay away from Abhi so she gets a job in recording company so she can be near Abhi and hear his songs. Recalling all moments with Abhi, Pragya is very happy and dances with rock star doll

Pragya loves Abhi and wants to keep him close. Pragya’sdai realizes her pain and tell her i know you are doing the job in recording room for Abhi. Pragya tells dadi how hearing his voice makes her happy but dadi wishes Pragya a new love life with another guy.
Dadi tells Pragya that since Tanu is back in Abhi’s life you should also let some other guy in your life. Pragya tells Dadi that she belives that Abhi will surely recall who she is one day.

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