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Kumkum Bhagya Update on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 (Part 1) Abhi Asks Pragya if She is Married or Not

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Dadi and everyone that he saw himself in groom dress and asks if they have hidden something from him. He says he saw flashes of his marriage. Purab asks did you see the girl? Dadi tells him that it is a photo shoot pic surrounded by the crew members. She asks him not to stress his mind else he will have to take more leave. Dasi jokes with him. Abhi says I won’t get poor and will be a rockstar always. Dadi asks Purab and Abhi to have food together. Pragya is in the office and thinks about Aaliya’s words. Something falls down and breaks. Saira asks what happened? She asks her to go home and take rest. Pragya thinks it is just 3 pm, if I go early that maa will question me. She thinks to call Purab and talk to him. Purab gets her phone. Abhi teases her if his girl friend called.

Pragya asks him to meet her and tells that she has taken half day leave. Purab tells her that Abhi got flashes of his past and tells everything. Pragya insists to see him once and says she will wait for his message. She thinks how did that photo come in his room. Purab thinks how to convince him to come out with me. He tells Abhi that he has a good idea.

Aaliya asks what idea? Purab tells her that they were playing games. Abhi says lets go out somewhere and insists to go coffee shop. Purab says okay, if you go out then may feel better. Aaliya asks him to rest. Abhi asks her not to treat him like Dadi. Purab asks him to get ready. He thinks to message Pragya so that she reaches coffee shop fast. Abhi gets ready and come. Purab compliments him. Aaliya says I will also come with him. Purab tries to stop him. Abhi asks Aaliya to come. Purab thinks to message Pragya not to come, but Abhi stops him.

Sarla calls Pragya and asks her to get salt, chilli, masala and ginger etc. Pragya says okay, I will bring. Sarla asks her if she is outside. Pragya says yes, for office work. Sarla asks her not to stress herself. Abhi, Purab and Aaliya come to coffee shop. Abhi asks did we come here before? Purab says yes, and it was our favorite place. He thinks how to make Aaliya go, and tells her that she got special coffee made by the chef.

 Aaliya says it was invented by me. Purab says I want to drink that coffee. He holds her hand and takes her. Pragya comes to coffee shop. Purab sees her and gets tensed. He spills coffee on her and asks her to get her dress cleaned. Aaliya goes to washroom. Abhi recalls his marriage, and thinks I don’t do this types of campaign. He thinks I am against it, and get only less money. Pragya comes and sees people laughing on him, as he is lost in thoughts and drinking coffee.

He sees Pragya and asks what you are doing here? He says don’t tell me that you have also come to drink coffee here, and says rockstar and receptionist can’t drink coffee at the same place and asks her to go. Pragya says I was trying to help you. Abhi says will you make me drink coffee rightly….Pragyafalls in his lap and have an eye lock…Allah Wariyan plays………..Pragya thinks what he is thinking that he don’t realize that coffee is smeared on his lips. Abhi thinks I can’t do this type of campaign and thinks with whom to ask. He thinks who will not lie to me. Pragya thinks how to stop him from stressing his mind.
Precap:- Abhi asks Pragya if she is her true fan. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks her if he is married and asks her to tell truly. Pragya is shocked.

The Episode starts with Pragya hiding from Abhi and thinks he shall not see her. Abhi catches her and asks are you seeing me. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to help him and answer for his question being his fan. He asks did I get married? Did you know about my marriage. Pragya says no, and says there was no news publicly, but you might have married by eloping or simple marriage. Abhi asks if I am a college going guy and asks am I mad. Pragya argues with him and says you are born with the boxing gloves. She asks about his lipstick color.

Abhi asks are you joking? Pragya says something is stuck on your lips. Abhi takes her dupatta and wipes it off. He says don’t know who have seen me like this. Pragya says people will say it is rockstar trend. Purab comes back. Pragya hides. Abhi tells Purab that
Nikita, his true fan and friend was here.

 While they are in the car, Aaliya tells Abhi and Purab that she was locked in the washroom for 30 mins and doubts on Purab. Purab and Abhi laugh on her. Pragya thinks it is good that she met Abhi today….She comes home. Sarla asks did you bring the stuff. Pragya says I forgot, and says I will go now. Beeji asks Pragya to sit and asks Janki to go and bring those things. Janki goes. Abhi does exercise and thinks it is boring to sit at home. He gets Mr. Sethi’s call who informs him that 2-3 songs are pending and says your sister talked much. Abhi says this is my insult and assures that he will record the songs.

Purab thinks he shall call Pragya and asks if she met Abhi. Pragya says she has seen Abhi from far and asks where was he? Purab says I was with Aaliya and had locked her in washroom. Aaliya asks Robin about Abhi. Robin says he has messed up his room and says he think that he will not go to work today. Aaliya thinks to talk to Pragya. She goes to office and sees Pragya cleaning Abhi’s poster. She insults her.

She says you will be shocked after knowing this. She says Tanu is different and beautiful, and Bhai wants to stay with her and spend life with her. She says Bhai and Tanu went on a holiday, and your reverse countdown have started. Pragya smiles at her lie. Abhi comes out just then from inside and apologizes to Aaliya for not informing her that he came to work. He tells her that he came to fulfill his promise and records the song. He asks Pragya to send his coffee after 15 mins.

Pragya asks Aaliya what you was saying? She says he had so much fun that he got fed up with Tanu and returned. She says your dreams will not come true and Abhi will come walking towards her. She gives her tissue papers and says your plot, conspiracy will be fail. She says you got so much scared and says I think I have to meet you at mental hospital, and asks her to keep flowers with herself. Aaliya asks her to shut up and asks her to get out of her sight. Abhi comes and asks why you are shouting at her. Aaliya cries and says she talked to me very rudely infront of everyone. Abhi looks on surprised.

Abhi says you are my fan and should know that I can’t bear my sister’s insult. Saira says Aaliya is saying wrong and says she was shouting on her. Everyone gives statement against Aaliya. Abhi asks Aaliya to think about her image and asks her not to shout at receptionist. He asks her to go home and says I will meet you in the evening. He asks everyone to go. Pragya seems angry with her. Abhi picks the bouquet and apologizes to her on Aaliya’s behalf. He tells her that Aaliya is stubborn and spoiled because of him. He says you hears my order and asks her to bring coffee. He says I will make you hear my song. Pragya thinks Abhi is so good, and Aaliya don’t have his 1 percent of goodness. Aaliya thinks to do something big and says their love story will be incomplete only.
Precap:- Some couples dance during the celebrations.

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