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Veera Episode 455--456 Update on Tuesday 9th May 2017

Episode starts with veera and baldev helping polish girl then veera says, you dont know polish then how will you help her? Polish girl tells him that she needs help.. Veera’s car left then veera gets angry. Baldev says, we will catch another cab. Sonia reaches to ranveer’s home and she bring some dishes for gunjan. Gunjan gives compliment to sonia. I want to buy some drapery, can you help on this. Gunjan says, i have to cook food for chaiji, she takes medicine.

Sonia says, i have some work then we will meet at chopal. Sonia says to herself, now you will not reach on time at home.
Baldev moves around in city then veera says, oye baldev, we came here for work not for seeing sights. Baldev says, i am going, if you want to come then follow me.

Here sonia and gunjan buy drapery but sonia rejects many items then she says, you choose for me and she wastes gunjan time. Gunjan see time then she says, i have to go to home because i didnt cook food and chaiji should not be late for medicine.

Gunjan and baldev moves around on lovers bridge then baldev says, i dont know couple lock on this bridge. Veera says, it is worthless, if anything happen like this then anyone comes here and lock there love. baldev says, you dont believe on this because you dont love anyone but i will lock for gunjan and ranveer then veera accept this. Veera lock on bridge. Veera says to herself that now its time for cab.
chaiji reaches at kitchen and she didnt find her then chaiji cooks food and biji reaches at home and says surprisingly, chaiji what are you doing here?

Chaiji ask about gunjan then biji says, i dont know. Biji says, i will cook food. Chaiji says, no, you are wet, you stay and take rest. chaiji says, ok you cook food but first of all, go and change your clothes.
gunjan says to taxi person that i didnt see that way. Taxi person says, i know only that way, if you want to go from that way then catch another taxi. Sonia says, leave it gunjan, we will reach pritampura early, but if we will drop it then we will not get any another taxi.

baldev and veera at neel’s farm house. baldev says, machine is more than human beings. Veera says, i am eager to see neel sir. baldev says, i am waiting for food. Farm house is really awesome. Neel’s manager comes and says, you both are late and neel sir doesnt like it. Now go and take ready with in 5 minutes and your time starts now.

Baldev says, i will fresh n up later but i want to take some food. If we will not complete the task then what will happen? Manager says, we will sent you pritampura. veera says, we will complete these task. Manager says sorry for his rudeness.

Precap:- baldev put ointment on veera’s leg then baldev bring up veera in lapel
Episode starts with baldev says to veera that i am hungry and they are trying to do some work. manager says, you have to collect the bale of same size. Baldev denies then manager says, if you will not collect it then you can go to home. Then veera says, ok we will do. veera collect the grass.

chaiji cooks food and biji reaches there and biji says, what are you doing here? chaiji says to biji, putar what happened to you? You are suffering from fever. go and take rest!!!
Ranveer comes and ranveer ask from biji that what happens? Ranveer says, dont you call doctor or where is gunjan? How could she irresponsible.

Gunjan reaches at home then gunjan says, we were gone to market due to that reason i was late.
Here Ranveer collects the bale and says, i haven’t done this type of work in my whole life and in foreign, i am collecting it. Veera says, sahil has said that you have to collect with machine otherwise they will disqualify me. Veera does bale of grass.

Sonia says, you have to take rest. Biji says, i have to go to for inaugration. Ranveer says, you will not go anywhere. Biji says, Ok i will not go on this place but somebody have to go there because they want to inaugrate with some ladies hands. Gunjan, will you go there? Gunjan says, how could i go there.
Sonia gets jealous. Veera and baldev completes the task. Sahil comes and says, dont put it here. You have to put it in storage area. Neel sir has given order.

Veera then shuffle the bale. Ranveer says to gunjan, how could you so careless, why were you so late? Gunjan says, i had called at home number but nobody has picked it.

Ranveer says, you see that veera will make our pind famous and please sorry gunjan.
Veera shuffle the bale then baldev says, let me help you. Sahil says, your time is completed. Veera says, sorry, but i have shuffle 4 bale. Baldev ask about veera’s leg.

veera says, thrush happen on my leg due to farm work. Baldev see wounds of veera. baldev says, i will put ointment. veera says, i will do it. Baldev says, you sit here then baldev put ointment on her wound. baldev says, now lets go, i will bring your sandal later. Baldev then bring up veera in lapel.

Precap:- Mr Neel says,you have not completed your task in given time. I think i made wrong decision..

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