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Waking Up With You Episode 44 Update on Monday 15th May 2017

Christian distracts Pablo so he doesn’t discover Cindy in the closet and Pablo looks so shocked at his act and Christian still does well to send Pablo out of the room and Cindy accuses Christian for taking advantage of her but he tells her she also did enjoy so she should cut the crab. 

Jenny feels bad because she has a hangover and she takes her anger on Mosquito but he doesn’t understand but she realizes that she is drunk but she lies sating that she took in her drug and Mosquito thinks it still smells alcoholic. 

Christian helps to clean Tulia’s restaurant and his mum wants to know why since she cleaned the place with Jenny and quickly she discovers lipstick mark on his neck and wants to know but he says it’s a bruise he got may be when bathing with the hard sponge. 

Cindy reveals to her father that she finally caught Augusto as the thief who was stealing the spare parts and Rafael then tells her that he will take care of the mechanic shop from now on. And Cindy wants to know why and he replies if a useless guy like Augusto can make a fool out of like that then it means she can’t handle the shop. 

Pablo tells Antonia that his cell phone is broken down and she promises to give him another one but she first wants him to see a psychologist and Pablo wants to know why. Antonia replies that losing as many phones as possible within few days looks really strange. Pablo almost gets angry but she tells her that she will get him one but should make sure to not spoil or lose it again and that Pablo promises. Immediately, Alvaro arrives and Pablo tells him that he lost Maia forever.

Othon tells Maia that he has several lawsuits against him after Antonia’s accusations and Maia reproaches him for having exploited the illegal people and she tells him that she’s ashamed of being his daughter. 

Cindy tells Tulia that Rafael took the mechanic shop away from her. 
Antonia gives an office to Rodolfo so he can start working for her and she also gives him her passwords and the keys to her confidential document and Rodolfo promises her of doing a great job and she won’t regret. 

Tatiana tells Pablo that her parents are going to get a divorce. 
Carmen asks Maia to support her father in this time of crises because he is sorry. 
Maia thinks that Pablo is the boyfriend of Antonia’s daughter. 
Cindy finds Tatiana and Pablo embracing and she tries to fight with Tatiana. 
Mosquito promises to take revenge on Monkey for posting the party on the internet and people seeing how drunk Jenny was and making her so angry. 

Tulia reproaches Rafael about what he did to Cindy and they end up arguing. 
Freda tells Maia that Rodolfo asked her to live with him in Mexico but she fears Rodolfo could turn up to be a liar like other guys but Maia wants her to follow her heart. 

Pablo defends Antonia and her family from Cindy after Cindy tries raining insults on them. Right after, Cindy proposes to Pablo but He turns her down and she goes crazy. 

The doctor checks on Maia and she recommends that she take care of her pregnancy together with the father of the child and Maia is moved to hear the baby’s heartbeat and she goes joyfully tearful.

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