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Police begin investigations into alleged stuffing of ballot boxes in Northern Region

 The Ghana Police Service says it has commenced investigations into the allegations that suggested some ballot boxes sent to the Northern Region for the ongoing elections were already stuffed.

According to the Police, the allegation of the stuffed ballot boxes is unconfirmed calling on residents to stay calm and allow the security agencies to get to the bottom of the matter.

Meanwhile, the Service has assured it is going to give an update on the matter in no time.

This was announced in a statement on the Facebook page of the Ghana Police Service (GES) it noted that “allegations of stuffed ballot boxes unconfirmed. Please all should remain calm as investigations are still on-going. Update will be given”.

This statement from the Ghana police comes in response to news that circulated in the media suggesting some ballot boxes sent to the Northern Region were already stuffed on their arrival generating some tension among leaders of the two major political parties.

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