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Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me Episode 38 Update on Tuesday 9th May 2017

Abigail goes to the River to swim and in the act, Mateo follows her secretly to watch her.
When Constanza sees Fausto after coming back from the hospital with Amanda, she says to Renata to protect her because Fausto tried to kill her by pushing her down the stairs but she as usual thought her mum is crazy and that is why she is saying all those things.
Patricio asks Fausto to set Renata free but he tells him that she will be with him until he dies.
Benito and Diego try to rescue Teodora from Lucio and warns Benito and Diego not to mess with him if not they will have to contend with him.
Abigaíl and Juanita are worried after Teodora tells them that she wants to die but since he never told them about what Lucio did to her, they actually never understood her.
Fausto tells Diana that he admires her beauty but now he is not interested in her as a woman and she also tells him he was also a business move for her and truly she never loved him but for Mateo she is really in love and crazy about him but he (Fausto) was nothing but just a toy to have fun with and Fausto also replies that women like her are also like a cheap object to him and this truly hit Diana very much and Fausto walks away on her.

Mateo listens to Benito telling Diego that this is his chance to win Abigaíl’s love now that Mateo is married because very soon Abigail will accept him and they can also get married in future and Mateo looks confused.
Marcelino tells Fausto that there is no way to put Renata’s properties in his name but the only solution he can suggest to him is to have a child with her.
Lucio threatens Marcelino for asking him if he had something to do with Father Francisco’s death since he’s done many favors for Fausto and Lucio dares him to look into it himself and Marcelino is sure that with all of the evil support Lucio has given Fausto he doesn’t think any one will cry on his grave after he dies and this hurt Lucio very much.
Mateo tells Diego that he is sure that her aunt Renata could recover her sight.
Melitón tells Benito that he fears that the friendship between Diego and Mateo may end in a fight to the death for Abigail’s love because Mateo’s marriage to Diana is a big mistake and realizing it very late will cause him to fight with Diego to win Abigail’s love.
Max lies to Ximena telling her that his father Lucio is a prosperous landowner.
Commander Barragán confesses to Helena that he misses her because ever since he was transferred he’s not been able to forget about her and Helena looks nervous.

Eduviges and Efigienia get more infatuated with Julio. Motor gets jealous after he sees them with him, but they tell him to stay away from them.
Fausto talks with Abigaíl asking her to forgive him. He then tells her to let them start from scratch because he needs forgiveness from those he’s hurt so much from past and Abigaíl remains pensive after listening to him.
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