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Waking Up With You Episode 40 Update on Tuesday 9th May 2015

Maia discovers from her doctor that she is pregnant and Freda asks if the child is Federico’s and Maia makes it clear to Freda that nothing is going between Federico and her, and she says she doesn’t understand why Federico took off his shirt and laid down next to her. She stresses that Federico is not the father of her child, Pablo is.

Antonia gives Pablo the money he needs to pay for Silvestre’s tests and asks him to consider that money as a bonus payment for everything she made him go through; she also tells him that everything happens for a reason, and that soon he will find someone else because he’s handsome and has a future.

Rosalia confronts Wilson and Cindy when she sees them kissing.
Eligio confronts Antonia with the photographs Carmen sent him, and dares her to look him in the eye and tell him that she is not in love with Othon; she remains silent and Eligio leaves furiously.
Tatiana and Pablo have a confrontation, not knowing who they really are.

Freda tells Maia that she has to tell Pablo that she is pregnant because he has the right to know; Maia is adamant about not letting Pablo know after he doesn’t answer her call.
Cindy tells Rogelio that she is going to fight to get back together with Pablo because she now really appreciates him for who he is.

Silvestre tells Pablo that he has to make a clean break with Maia and move on and quickly Freda calls and Pablo wishes to pick yet Silvestre refuses to let him since that might hurt him more upon hearing what Maia has to say and Pablo never picked the call and Maia looks so furious.

Pablo asks Cindy not to get her hopes up about getting back together with him because he doesn’t love her.

Johnny tells Antonia that the Flower Growers Council is upset with her because she denounced Othon and that the only way they will keep doing business with her is if she works in tandem with Pablo.
Norma gives Maia food for thought when she tells her that maybe she shouldn’t have kept Lupita away from her father because it wasn’t fair for the girl.

Tatiana And Pablo Meet at Antonia’s Residence and Antonia Looks Really Shocked Since They Acted Like Knowing Each Other.

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