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Veera Episode 459--460 Update on Thursday 11th May 2017

The Episode starts with Baldev hugging Veera and saying best of luck to encourage her.. She smiles. He says I asked you to close your eyes as you are a girl and would feel shy. He asks is she getting it how to work it out. She says yes and explains him. She says how will this wheel move. She looks around and sees a big handle. She says not this, what else. She sees a rope and pulls it. The windmill starts rotating. Baldev says yes it did. Veera smiles and pulls it harder. She says now I will put wheat in it. She empties the wheat bag in the section one. She pulls the rope again. Baldev tells Sahil that flour has got out in section 2. Sahil says yes, great, keep going. Baldev too helps her. Veera looks at him. Yaara ve…………….plays………….

Neel comes there and gets angry seeing Baldev helping Veera. He looks at Sahil. He says I told you this task is only for Veera. Baldev and Veera looks at him tensed. Baldev is made to clean the fields with Sahil. He thinks he is so rude, why did he punish me. Gunjan brings Sonia to her home. Sonia says I m fie now, you should have gone. Gunjan says I m your friend, tell me if you need anything. Sonia says no, you can go now. Gunjan says fine. Ranvi would have come back home, he might be worried.

Sonia apologizes to her. Gunjan says take care, call me I will come. Gunjan leaves. Sonia says no one will ask you today, not later on, you won’t be saved.

Ratan talks to Chai ji and wishes everything goes on fine. Chai ji asks her not to think and take rest. Ranvi and Balwant come home and asks about Gunjan. Ratan asks what happened. Balwant says Sonia and Gunjan left with us, but they did not reach. Ranvi did the inauguration. Ratan says where did she go. Ranvi says her phone is also off. Ratan gets worried and prays. Ranvi says I will go to hospital. Gunjan comes there and they look at her.

Ranvi asks is she fine. Gunjan says yes, I m fine. He asks where did you go. We all were worried here. He asks about her phone. Gunjan tells about Sonia getting hurt and how she took her to hospital. She apologizes to everyone. Ratan says what you did was right, you did good. Ranvi says yes, I m proud of you. She smiles. Balwant says yes, we are happy. Veera feels unwell and cries. Baldev sees her and says you have high fever. She says I m fine. Baldev takes care of her.

Baldev worries for Veera. She asks him to go and rest as he has also worked all day. He says be here quietly, let me do what I m doing, I will not go from here till your fever goes. She looks at him and siles. He says don’t worry, I m here. He keeps wet cloth on her forehead all night and sits by her side. Its morning, Sonia comes to meet Ratan and asks her health. She says I need your sign for hospital. Ratan says but you had sprain. Sonia says what, nothing happened, look at me, I m fine. Ratan says then why did Gunjan say this.

Baldev comes again in same clothes. Veera asks him does he not have any good clothes. Sahil comes there with two baskets. Baldev doubts on what he brought. Sahil brings fruits and says you have to sell it and earn 60 Zloty, to give me. Baldev says what. Veera explains him. Sahil says Neel is budy, lets go to market now. Veera thinks why is Neel avoiding us, he did not talk to us once, why does he not meet us

The Episode starts with Sahil bringing Veera and Baldev to the market to sell fruits. Sahil smiles seeing Baldev talk in Punjabi. Veera stops him and talks in English. No one is convinced. Baldev keeps their rates high. Veera says they don’t understand even English. Sahil helps them and talks in Polish. Veera takes Sahil and goes far. Baldev looks on. He gets angry seeing Sahil holding Veera. Veera holds Sahil’s hand and Baldev throws a tomato at him. He then hides. Veera and Sahil go ahead. Baldev follows them.

Ratan comes home. Chai ji asks what happened. Ratan says Sonia came to meet me, her foot was fine, she was walking fine, I asked her and she said she is not hurt. Chai ji says but Gunjan said…….. Ratan says yes, don’t know why Gunjan said this, I m getting many questions in my mind. Chai ji says maybe Gunjan was afraid so made a reason, she was nervous to go in inauguration. Ratan says she would have told me, I m not her enemy, we should ask her but how. Ranvi hears all this and says I will ask her, don’t worry. He says if she said something, there has to be some reason, lets go and ask.

They come to Gunjan and asks about Sonia’s feet hurt. He says but she is fine and walking well. Gunjan says what, how can this happen, she was shouting, that I took her to hospital. Ratan says but I met her in morning, she said nothing happened to her. Gunjan is puzzled. Ratan says if there is anything else, tell us. Gunjan says no, I told what happened, don’t know why she is saying this, we should go and talk to her. Ranvi says yes and goes with Gunjan.

Baldev stops Veera and Sahil. Veera says we can’t sell fruits like this, our rates are very high. Baldev says if we lower the rates, we can’t earn the amount. Neel gave this task intentionally. Veera says there will be some way. Veera sees some people jogging and cycling and says I got it, how to sell the fruits. Baldev says nothing can happen. Veera says fine, so this is a challenge, see how it happens. Veera tells her plan to Sahil in his ear and Baldev gets jealous. Sahil says best if luck. Veera asks Baldev to tell best of luck, but he does not as he is annoyed. Sahil looks at them how they sell fruits.

Veera sells the fruits to people who get tired by jogging and cycling. Baldev is surpised by Veera’s wits. Veera counts the money and says 65, I can’t believe we earned and sold the fruits. She slips and Baldev holds her. They have an eyelock. Yaara ve………….plays…………… Baldev sees a polish woman and smiles. Veera turns and sees her. She gets annoyed and turns his face to her. They come to Sahil and give him the 60 Zloty. Sahil says good work. Baldev says Veera did great work, how did she get this idea. Veera says that we should sell fruits to customers, than shops.

Gunjan and Ranvi come to the hospital. Gunjan shows the nurse who treated Sonia. The nurse says I m meeting you for first time. She says Sonia is fine. Gunjan is proved lying. Ranvi says where is Sonia. The nurse says she is treating kids for free. Gunjan says I don’t know how did nurse forget. Sonia sees Ranvi and Gunjan and asks you here, sorry I was busy. Gunjan asks about her feet. She asks why did she tell this to Ratan that I lied and where is the cloth. Sonia says which cloth. Gunjan says how did your feet become good. Sonia says my feet is fine, I don’t know why are you telling everyone that I was hurt.

Sonia says why are you using my name, we went together, I got emergency call so I have to leave, you said you will go alone. Gunjan is shocked. Sonia says if you doubt on me, you can check hospital records. Ranvi apologizes to Sonia and says Gunjan is mistaken. Gunjan says no. Ranvi says continue your work, we will go. Ranvi stops Gunjan and says we will talk outside, come. Sonia smiles. Sahil says Veera is intelligent, mind blowing. He says why did Neel give you this task. Baldev says even I m doing this task. Veera says leave it, I m thinking why can’t you explain him, not to give tasks and teach farming techniques. Sahil says I m sorry, I can’t help you, he won’t like this, he can send you back, I have to go for work. He leaves.

Precap:- Veera asks Neel why is he playing with their feelings, when I read about you, I had hope that my dad’s dreams will be fulfilled, so I came here. Neel reacts Veera please stop it.

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