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Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 129--130 Update on Wednesday 10th May 2017

The episode starts with Ragini and Neil’s discussion. Neil says Nishi should stay away from Jignesh to get a space and know his importanc Ragini says without being together, how will they realize each other’s values. Jignesh is mature than Nishi and will convince her.

Jignesh on the other side tells Suhani if Nishi would have been patient, things would not have worsened. Suhani says she can understand a man becomes sandwich between mother and wife’s fight. Nishi on the other side tells Karthik she wanted to adjust, but Jignesh’s parents pestered her for a child and she could not handle it. Jignesh tells Suhani the same and says finally Nishi got an option of moving to her mom’s house for some days. Nishi tells Karthik that Jignesh was not with her when she needed him the most. Karthik says he must be under pressure and suggests her to start afresh. She says she has moved ahead and knows she cannot bear a child at all. Karthik tries to console her.

Neil suggests Ragini to change her stubborness towards children and understand them like a friend just like he handled situation a day ago when he saw Agam and Suhani coming here without informing. He explained their mistake calmly and they understood. She says she does not know if she can change herself.

Karan, dimpy and Pam get bored in dark and Dimpy asks Karan to massage his neck. He says he is afraid that he may whisk her neck in dark. Pam says it is a good joke. RK comes with a small candle. Pam jokes that this will long for whole life. RK says Karan he will show how to massage and massages Pam. She resists. Dimpy insists her to get it done. Pam praises RK’s skills.

Ranbir and Agam get chips for Suhani and Jignesh. Jignesh says he cannot eat as Nishi has not eaten since morning. Suhani says they both love each other so much even during their fight. Agam calls Nishi and she asks why did he come. He says he was getting bored, so he came with Ranbir.

Aman walks out o his room towards hall when he hears someone calling him chamanlal. He realizes it is Sunny tai and asks her to come. She comes out and apologizes him. Aman walks further and slips on stairs. Dimpy and group identify him. Karan asks why did he come out of his room. He says mosquitoes were pestering him. Pam jokes why mosquitoes only pester him and not anyone else. He says he has sweet blood and a bitter blood like her as she is Neil’s sister. She gets irked and taunts that everyone are getting massaged by their partners, but he is not as his partner Ragini is with her brother Neil in power room. Aman gets irked.

Ragini falls asleep on Neil’s shoulder. He reminisces their younger days when she falls asleep taking care of child, waiting for him. She wakes up seeing him and asks when did he come. He says just now and starts staring at her. She gets shy and asks him to braid her hair. He says let them fly in air as he likes them that way. She asks him to sit next to him. He says she is also thinking of romance like him. She asks him to near his ear and cuts it. She then asks him to braid hair now. He gets out of flashback and braids her hair. She wakes up and apologizes for sleeping for 2 min. He says she slept for 2 hours. He then removes his jacket and says he will sleep on it now. She asks at this time. He says it is 4 a.m. and he does not know when will keymaker come and open door. She says again she hardly slept for 2 min. He says she slept for 2 hours and now it is his turn.

Precap: Ragini sees Neil sleeping and flashes torch on his face. He wakes up and asks why can she see anyone in peace. She says she was not getting sleep, so she did not want him also to sleep
The episode starts with Dimpy, Karan and Pam sleeping on sofa till morning. Dimpy wakes Karan and asks him to get key maker. He asks RK instead who asks Pam to bring key maker. she says she will not. Aman hears their conversation and says he will bring key maker. Dimpy asks Karan to go, else if Aman goes, he will come only by tomorrow. He leaves with RK. Pam shouts Sunny tai to bring tea.

Sunny is busy taking selfie video like a reporter describing the situation there where children are sleeping outside store room waiting for Nishi and Karthik. She then goes to naani’s room and comments that naani’s face is dull like electricity here. Naani asks her to stop disturbing her and go from there. Sunny then goes near power house and comments that most romantic couple are stuck inside and will continue to report what will happen further in this powerless guest house.

Ragini wakes up in the morning and sees Neil sleeping on floor. She flashes torch light on his face. Na seekha jeena tere bina hamdam….song…plays in the background. Neil wakes up and scolds her for disturbing his sleep. He asks if she will not change her habit. She asks what did she do. He says once she gets sleep, she will not let others to sleep. She says she is not getting sleep. He says if Karan would have come, he would also woken up and continues scolding her.

Karan brings key maker and asks him to open store room first. He wakes up all children and then karthik and Nishi. Key maker opens door. Karan asks Nishi if she is fine. She says she is. Karan then goes to open power house. Jignesh asks Nishi if she is fine and takes her to her room. Suhani tries to hug Karthik but he gets conscious seeing Agam and Ranbir.

Neil and Ragini join Dimpy, Pam and Karan. Pam asks Ragini to go and take care of Aman as he fell last night and was awake whole night worried for her. Ragini leaves. Sunny informs that milk is spoiled due to power outage. Agam comes and asks her to prepare tea. She says she cannot as there is no water or milk due to power outage. RK apologizes everyone for the problems they are facing in his guest house. Neil says they come here as he is dearer to them and never thank or apologize, he should stop being formal. He says they should go out and have breakfast today.

Ragini reaches aman’s room and asks if he is fine. He says he is. Agam comes and informs them about Neil’s planning of breakfast outing. Aman says even he will come. Ragini asks if he is sure. He says his leg is injured and rest of his body parts are fine. She smiles.

Jignesh sees Nishi trying to open drawer with great difficulty and gets injured his fingers trying to open it. Nishi gets concerned for him and nurses his wound. He says she is concerned for him and feels pain if he is injured, this is called love. She says this is called humanity and she would have nursed even someone else. Ragini comes and asks them to get ready and come down soon as Neil has arranged breakfast outing.

Neil sees Suhani and Karthik in corridor and asks what are they doing. They both get nervous. He asks Karthik to watch out his moves and says when he was of his age, he used to not look at even girls. Suhani surprisingly asks what…He changes topic and says Karthik he should behave like a doc and not move ahead of friendship. He says yes. Suhani says Karthik wants to talk about Nishi.

Karthik says Neil that Nishi misses him a lot when he is away from her and gets happy if he is near. Neil says she is his daughter and very nearer to him even if she away from him. Karthik nods yes. Ragini comes getting ready and Neil gets mesmerized seeing her beauty, but gets jealous seeing Aman behind her and leaves.
Precap: Restaurant owner gets happy seeing Neil and Ragini and tells Ragini that they both look good as a couple, but he got sad seeing her with some other man. Aman enters and says he was that other man and holds Ragini’s shoulder. Neil and children get irked seeing that.

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