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Veera Episode 457--458 Update on Wednesday 10th May 2017

The Episode starts with Baldev feeling hungry. Veera asks him to be patient.. They get a big pot with soup inside. He says whats this, I won’t have this, how to have this. She says its soup, we won’t home made food here, its nor Pritampura. He says I can’t have this. She says fine, I m hungry, I m having this. She starts having the soup, Baldev looks at her and drinks the soup. He says I m missing my mum, I can’t eat this, I wanted Biji’s handmade hot rotis, where are you Biji. Veera says Nautanki. Nihaal (Neel Sir) comes there and says I trusted you and you did not do any small task. Veera says Neel Sir.
He says how will you complete your dad’s dream, I think I did big mistake by calling you here. He stands in darkness. He then leaves. Baldev says where did he go, if is a human or a devil, he does not know from where we came, we are dying in hunger, and he still taunts us. Veera gets upset. Baldev says leave it, have food. Its morning, Chai ji brings water for Ratan. Ratan says I don’t want again, I had much. Chai ji says its good to have water in fever. Sonia comes and asks can I take Gunjan to spend some time. Chai ji says sure, you can go. Ranvi comes there. Chai ji asks why are you upset.

Ranvi says Gunjan took out many suits and made the room the clothes shop, she does not like any suit. Chai ji says every woman does the same. Sonia comes to Gunjan. Gunjan asks her help in deciding clothes. Sonia says we are going to inaugurate a school, so choose light color suit. Gunjan shows her suits. Ranvi comes and says Balwant Taya ji is waiting since one hour, come fast. Gunjan says I will come in few mins. He says fine and leaves.
Veera and Baldev come to the field. Sahil asks Veera when did she do all this work. Baldev says Veera dod this work at night. Veera asks Sahil to tell Neel that she will inform her dad’s dreams. Sahil says your new task starts in one hour, so be ready. Baldev smiles. Gunjan comes back in the room after changing. Sonia takes her phone. Gunjan says now lets go. Chai ji blesses Gunjan. Ratan asks Gunjan not to worry, as she is not going on war, encourage girls to study well. She says Sonia is also coming with you. Balwant says I m proud of my daughter, she got a good chance, I m sure she will take our Pind’s name high. Sonia gets angry seeing Balwant showering his love on Gunjan.
Veera talks to Ranvi on phone and sees Neel horse riding. She looks at him from far and can’t see his face. She walks towards him but she gets Ranvi’s call again. She says I will call later and sees Neel going. She goes after Neel. Ranvi takes Balwant in an auto and Gunjan goes with Sonia. Veera says why is he hiding, why is he not coming infront of us. She says I will see through window, to know who is he. She looks inside the window. Someone holds her from behind. She turns and is shocked.

Its Sahil. She asks him why is Neel not coming infront of her, why is he giving so many tasks if he himself called them here.. He says its his decision, I can’t question him, he is mysterious, he does not love anyone, except his rules, even I m fed up of this tasks, but no option, end this here, come with me. Baldev comes and sees Sahil holding Veera’s hand. He asks what are you doing here. Veera says nothing. Sahil asks the not to talk and follow him for the task. Neel sees them going.
Gunjan says where is Ranvi’s rickshaw. Sonia says they went ahead, I forgot to bring my phone’s charger, and its battery low, Gunjan says use my phone. Sonia says I will take a water bottle. She acts like she fell. Gunjan gets worried and says my foot got hurt, you go to school, I will come later. Gunjan says no, I can’t leave you, come. Gunjan says I will call Ranvi, but where is the phone, I kept in purse. Sonia switches off her phone and says its off. Gunjan says I will take you to hospital, then call Ranvi from there. Sonia smiles.
Sahil asks Veera and Baldev to start the task. Veera says why is Neel wasting out time, with these tasks, we came here to learn from him. Sahil asks them to do it. He asks them to catch the chickens. Baldev says we won’t do this, we did not come here to do this. Sahil says do this, else go home. Baldev says I will do this task, Veera is not well. Sahil says no, you both have to do this. Sahil says your time starts now.

Baldev says what is this joke, lets go from here Veera, why we came here, to learn, but we are not getting anything. Veera says we can’t go back, everyone expects us to get some knowledge from here, only Neel can teach us, I can’t give up, I can’t see my Pind losing, I know you can’t do this, leave it, I will do it. She goes ahead. Baldev looks at her. He goes away. Veera says Baldev really left me alone, I just told him.

The Episode starts with Veera trying to catch the chickens. Yaara ve…………plays as Baldev comes back. She smiles. She catches some chickens. Baldev cleans the horse and looks at her. Veera gets tired. Baldev asks does she need water. She nods yes. He goes to bring. Ranvi and Balwant reach the school. Sarpanch welcome them and says Ratan called us and said she is ill, so sending her bahu to do the inauguration, but where is she. Ranvi says she was coming after our auto, she will be coming. They meet the school kids and teachers. Veera falls. Neel comes and lifts her to take her inside. Baldev comes with water and sees Veera gone. He says where did she go. Sarpanch asks Balwant where is Gunjan. We have to do inauguration in 20mins else good mahurat will pass.

Gunjan brings Sonia to the hospital. Ranvi calls Gunjan but her phone is at home. Balwant asks what happened. Ranvi says their phones are off, don’t know where are they. Sarpanch says when will Gunjan come. Ranvi says I don’t know why they did not come, I m sorry sarpanch ji. Ranvi says give me some time, I will bring her. He says no, we don’t have time. He asks Ranvi to do the inauguration as he is Ratan’s son. He says we also wanted this, we will be happy. Balwant signs yes to Ranvi. Ranvi agrees and goes to cut the ribbon.
Neel puts water on Veera and she wakes up. He goes far as Baldev comes. He turns not showing his face. Baldev asks what are you doing here, get up. He scolds Neel for giving this tough tasks, now not showing face, are you not ashamed. Sahil takes Neel’s side and says Neel helps Veera, else she would have been there. Baldev says is this help, is this enough, look at her, we did not come here to do this. Neel turns and Baldev and Veera are shocked. Neel asks them to go back to their village.
Neel comes towards them. Neel says go back if you can’t bear this. He says I did not call you here, you wanted to come here. If you can’t bear this, then how will you learn things. Don’t dream. Veera says we are trying. Neel says try? You did do first task on time, and fainted in second task, I did a big mistake calling you both here. He leaves. Veera calls Neel Sir and says what Ratan says. She says a person loses when he loses strength, I still have it, I did not lose, I promise you will tell us you did not take wrong decision trusting us. He goes to Sahil and asks him to take them back to task. He leaves. Sahil says next task in one hour.

Ranvi cuts the ribbon. Everyone claps. Sonia gets treated at the hospital and looks at Gunjan. Gunjan says I have to call Ranvi, he might be worried for me. She calls Ranvi but he does not take her call as he gets busy in the speech. She calls her dad Balwant but he is also not taking the call. She says what to do now. Ranvi tells Balwant he is worried for Gunjan and Sonia. Balwant says lets go from here now. Ranvi tells the sarpanch they have to leave. He says fine, it’s a big thing that someone came from Ratan’s family. Ranvi and Balwant leave.
Balwant says where did they go. Ranvi says I got missed calls. Balwant says me too. Ranvi calls on the number. The receptionist says its Pritampura’s hospital number, I don’t know who called. Ranvi tells this to Balwant. Ranvi and Balwant rushes there. Baldev and Veera go for their next task with Sahil and enjoy the beautiful sights. Sahil says this is Poland’s pind. Veera asks about the task. Sahil says you will know it.
Baldev asks whats this big fan. Sahil says it’s a windmill and its your new task. Veera asks whats this. Sahil says Baldev can’t do this, only Veera. Baldev says I will go in to boost her confidence. They go inside the windmill and see it. Sahil says you have to put wheat in here, then collect flour from last section. He asks Baldev not to help her. Baldev says but I will take the wheat bags up. Veera says I will manage. Baldev says I will help. She says how does this run. Baldev says close your eyes. She says what, but why. She closes her eyes and he hugs her. She is stunned and smiles.

Precap:- Veera makes the windmill run. Balddev helps her. Neel comes and sees them working together. He says I told this task is only for Veera.

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