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Fearless Heart Update on Tuesday 16th May 2017

Fabiola seems to have lost her virginity as she and Miggy cuddle in bed. He reveals to her that he generally thought he'd bite the dust alone in the line of obligation, however now he needs to be with her dependably. She discloses to him he's her initially man and will be her last.

Sammy seems to have some mother's intuition that her girl is out there. Willy opposes this idea.

D8D fakes it with Nico and Jessica.

Ángela discloses to Gus they can't yet live respectively. Violeta needs time to modify. Yet, she says her brain is made up and she's picked him.

Laura reveals to JM that there's no such thing as a life-changing affection, refering to her recuperation from cherishing Gus.

We see a few flashbacks of how Miggy and FF escaped. He demolishes her following ring, while she dissents. He takes an auto, leaving the rescue vehicle they initially had behind. He then reveals to her that, in case you're attempting to make tracks in an opposite direction from the world, you need to dispose of everything. Later they leave the auto and get a few bikes.

Gus has figured out how to track Nicolás and Jessica and says they're at D8D's. [In most novelas Willy and Sam would languish over seven days, not knowing.] Clara is excited to have the children there. D8D smiles like Tarzan's chimp Cheetah at the possibility of Sam and Willy enduring. He then calls Thelma on his phone. She is Jessica's mom.

Génesis discloses to her dad she misses Violeta. She's exhausted. She inquires as to whether she knows any great recreations. At the point when Laura says no, Génesis makes a horrible examination with Ángela, while Laura feigns exacerbation.

Duval comes to reveal to JM that Miggy took FF from the Witless Protection Program he sorted out.

Laura puts some genuine proceeds onward JM

D8D discloses to Rod that Thelma is wonderful, and the sort of lady you can't take off alone, clearly Victor's m8istake. Sam and Willy appear searching for Nico and Jess. However, D8D discloses to them that Thelma will do some printed material marking over guardianship of Jessica to him. Smiling like distraught, he reveals to them he knows a judge will maintain this. [Visions of him on the transport line set out toward the buzz saw again move through my head.]

Ángela kisses Gus directly before Violeta. Violeta discloses to Gus she can tell that he cherishes her mom, and she won't question. After he leaves the room, she reveals to Ángela that she inclines toward JM, however will acknowledge Gus.

JM and Laura have intercourse.

After Sam and Willy bring Jessica and Nico back, Jess goes to call her mom. Willy says he'll contact JM in regards to counteracting Jessica going to live with D8D. [I would think leaving the child for quite a long time would block her having the capacity to turn the child over to anybody. How would they know D8D isn't a kid molester?]

D8D welcomes Camilo (Luis) over. He's at Gus' place, since he moved in there.

Miggy requests that Fabiola enlighten him everything regarding her life. She says it used to be typical. She went to class. At that point we see the flashback scene again where her mom is executed and her dad taken away. They didn't know she was in the storage room.

JM and Laura clearly had an incredible time in bed. He reveals to her they ought to envision themselves before a clear canvas where no one but they can compose the story. I see some odd current works of art on the divider that weren't there when Ángela remained in the room. Laura reveals to JM she has never needed youngsters, an indicate that shows up me to exclude her from winding up with JM, however who knows? We as a whole know all courageous women in TN's urgently need kids.

The Reptile has stolen some other screwball's doll and drawn a scar on it. She reveals to it that it looks simply like its mom. She converses with it as the child she lost, while we see JM enlightening Laura regarding the two infants he lost, one by Fernanda and one by Isabel. Laura is amazed when JM advises her he'd have hitched the Reptile on the off chance that he'd known she was pregnant. The genuine proprietor of the doll appears in the Reptile's room. They battle, and the Reptile hits her head on the divider, falling oblivious.

Esteban appears at Willy and Sam's, furious they didn't reveal to him Nico had turned up. [Can't they put a chain on the entryway and a deadbolt to keep out El Jefe and D8D, who appear to enter at will?] Esteban discloses to them D8D needs to hurt Nico, and Willy says he knows his dad is fit for anything. Jess descends saying that her mom said that she needed her to live with D8D.

Miggy peruses an exceptionally sentimental and sweet letter from Fabiola that she had kept in touch with him in the healing center, while she plays piano.

I can't make sense of what D8D's arrangement is with Camilo. At the point when Camilo shows up, he handles him with alcohol. He discloses to him they needn't bother with Dante as a delegate any more. D8D discloses to Camilo he doesn't have anybody to impart his arrangements of retribution to now that Ofelia is gone. He solicits Camilo what he supposes from Clara. Camilo says she's truly, youthful, and candid. In the mean time D8D gets a content from El Verdugo saying: mis hombres van por la cabeza de Miguel Valdez.

I'm getting increasingly anxious that D8D might be onto Camilo. He asks him how the "poor planter" kicked the bucket. Camilo educates him regarding the Reptile shooting his sibling. D8D enlightens him concerning slaughtering Darío. He additionally says some time or another he'd like to request killing as well as to do it without anyone's help. The Reptile revealed to him it was pleasurable. At that point he burrows at "Luis" somewhat disclosing to him that the compelling JM stole his better half. Camilo does an extraordinary Luis pantomime, pulling a weapon on D8D.

Sam, Willy, and Ángela talk about Jessica's mom, Thelma Ríos. Nora looks stunned. She discloses to them that she slaughtered Thelma Ríos' mom in jail!

Miggy and FF watch the Bonnie and Clyde motion picture. Later they cuddle and say sweet things, when Miggy hears a sound. "They discovered us", he proclaims.

Gus and Duval come to disclose to JM that the Reptile is dead. Prior they demonstrated a specialist performing mouth to mouth and saying it was no utilization, she was no more. I have my questions. Be that as it may, getting thumped against a divider in the nuthouse sufficiently hard to make her oblivious didn't appear like she could have arranged it.

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