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Veera Episode 467--468 Update on Wednesday 17th May 2017

The Episode starts with Ranvi asking everyone where is Gunjan. Gunjan comes home and he asks her where did she go. Veera calls Ranvi saying she will come tomorrow morning and no need for him to come as Baldev is with her. Ranvi tells his to everyone. Chaiji asks him not to worry as Baldev is with her. Gunjan tries to help Ratan but she refuses and leaves. Gunjan comes after her in the kitchen and says I will make food, you take rest. Ratan says no, I m fine. Gunjan asks is she still annoyed, I said sorry, I forgot the phone at home, else. Ratan says don’t give explanation, I forgot that, but what you are doing these days, I don’t know the reason, why are you doing this, why did you not come to hospital.

She says you might be having a reason, but don’t hide, tell us, whats the need to do this, we are family, share with us, we can solve the problems together, else the relation will become bad. Gunjan says I don’t want to break my trust, I can’t tell anything now. Ratan says I wanted to hear this, its fine. She hugs Gunjan. Gunjan smiles. Its night, Gunjan comes to Ranvi. She says you might be worried for Veera and guesses his every move. They laugh. She says I know everything, but I did not understand you are hurt by me, I m sorry.

She says I was wrong, what blame I put on Sonia was wrong, don’t know I should have not said this, she is a good person. She says I changed my opinion and everything is fine now. Ranvi hugs her and says I m very happy. There would have been any misunderstanding, I m happy you said this. She says yes, a big one. She thinks sorry I can’t tell you the truth, the time is not right now.

Veera and Balde get stuck in rains. Baldev says how will we reach taxi stand now. She says don’t worry, it will stop in some time. She ties his shoe laces and he says don’t do this, I will do. She says I tied it. He says you have tied the laces. She says yes, its not a big thing, you would have fall so I did this. She turns. He checks her temper touching her forehead. Yaara ve……………..plays………………. They smile.

Its morning, Bansuri is making the house look best as Baldev is coming back home. Balwant asks what is she doing. She says my son is coming from foreign for first time, lets keep a Jashan at home. He says did he win any big medal, Veera was there else he would have done wrong. She says you always talk bad about him, he has worked hard in Poland, I m his mum and understand him, he is doing this for Pind, can’t we keep a small jashan for him. He says fine, will keep it. She says go and invite everyone. Baldev and Veera are on the way.

Baldev says its looking strange to come back Pind, I was tired there working in Poland, now I will relax here, but……. She says but you wish to go back to Poland right. They have an eyelock. He says I was thinking I will sleep till we get home. She nods yes. He sleeps. His head falls on her shoulder and she looks at him smiling. Ranv is eagerly waiting for Veera. He says its late, she did not come, I will call her. Chaiji says how many times will you call her, she said she will come in one hour, why are you worrying. Gunjan says yes, we have to make laddoos also, so don’t call her soon. Balwant comes to them and is happy to see Gunjan and everyone smiling and working together. He invites them for the jashan at his home, for Veera and Baldev’s return. He says you all come and bring Veera too.

Gunjan says great, we will invite Sonia also, as she is part of our family. I mean she looks ours. Balwant is puzzled and says fine, I will leave. He asks Gunjan to talk to him. He asks Gunjan do you really want me to invite Sonia, did Ranvi pressurize you. Gunjan says no, I want her to come, I don’t have any complains from her now. He says fine. She thinks I want Chanchali to become a part of our family, she comes back in our lives forever.

Veera comes home and greets everyone. She hugs everyone and then sees Ranvi. Ranvi hugs her and sounds worried. She says calm down, I did every task and said all problems that I m your sister. I m happy to meet you all. She says I brought gifts for everyone. Everyone ask her to rest.

Veera gifts everyone. They get happy. She asks did they like the gifts, sorry I could not bring big things, as small things were very costly. Gunjan says she likes her gift her a lot. Veera says thanks and jokes. She asks Ranvi did his recording of songs start. He says no, I have send them my songs, lets see. He asks about Poland trip. She says it was memorable, its very beautiful city. Ratan makes her have laddoos and says you got slim, I made food, your fav one, I will make you eat by my hand today. Everyone smile.

The Episode starts with Bansuri welcoming Baldev with Band and dhol. She does his aarti and hugs him happily. Balwant comes to Sonia’s house. He is surprised seeing her. Gunjan makes him talk to Sonia. Sonia is tensed seeing them. Gunjan asks how is she. Sonia says I m fine. Gunjan says my parents kept jashan at home for Veera and Baldev’s return, we will be glad if you come, we came here to invite you. She says we will meet there, bye. Gunjan sees the house getting water from the roof and leaking everywhere. They leave. Ranvi comes to Veera with mangoes. Veera says not now, I can’t eat.

He says sit and eat. They eat mangoes and talk about Poland. She is about to tell about Nihaal and stops. She says Neel Sir had everything in his farmhouse, I learnt a lot there, Baldev helped me a lot, I could jave not managed without him, he took much care of me. Ranvi says I thought you will take care of him, I did not have any hope from him, glad to see this. She tells him about polyhouse farming. She says I m sure we will be benefitted by this. I m apply for sponsorship. He says then dad’s dream will be fulfilled. Ranvi is proud of her.

He says I was scared and was coming after you, then everyone explained me that you have grown up now. She says I used to miss you a lot there and cries. He asks her not to cry and they have jashan at night. She asks what. He says Bansuri has kept it at her home for your and Baldev’s return, get ready. He leaves. Veera says jashan at Baldev’s home, why am I nervous to go there. She smiles. Bansuri takes off bad sight from Baldev and says you went foreign and girls there might have eyed you, you are very handsome.

He says even cows did not give me grass, we have worked all day and was about to name Nihaal Chachu. He says Neel Sir gave us many tasks. Balwant comes and says you worked hard for the first time in life, I m very happy, I felt you will spoil everything, but you proved me wrong. He hugs Baldev and asks him to take rest as its Jashan at night. Baldev is happy and says today I have grown up. Bansuri says any forgein girl will work. He says no, can’t see anyone else than Veera. She says what. He says I was with Veera all the time in work. She says fine and leaves.

He rests. Gunjan gets ready. She asks Ranvi how is she looking. Ranvi says you won’t go anywhere, stay at home. She asks why, everything is fine between us. He smiles and says you are looking very beautiful, if you go there, someone will eye you, why should I take risk. She smiles and says don’t worry, everyone knows I m your Gunjan, why will anyone eye me, this Mangalsutra is the license. He says no guys are bad I won’t take risk. She says look at me from head to toe, now I m in your sight. He says fine, and hugs her.

Veera decides her clothes. Chaiji comes and asks why does she want to look good today. She says I felt I should wear good clothes as its jashan there and look beautiful than you. Chaiji says even if you try, you can’t look beautiful like me, I m glad you are doing girl’s thing, wear this blue suit, it will look good. She leaves. Veera looks at the suit and sees in mirror. She says yes, this will look good. She says Chaiji is right, suddenly I m worrying for Baldev, why am I impressing him. She says shall I tell my feelings to Baldev, yes, I will tell him today that I like him.

Ranvi asks Veera to get ready. Veera says yes, coming. Everyone come in the jashan. Balwant blesses Veera and welcomes him. Veera looks for Baldev. He walks in and she looks at him. He gets well dressed and signs her how is he looking. She signs good and they smile looking at each other. His hand makes the glasses fall and he scolds the man. He wants to talk to Veera but his friends stop him. He still looks at Veera. Sonia comes and Gunjan greets her well. Sonia greets everyone. Gunjan says I saw water leakage at your home, I saw it when I went to invite her.

She asks Bansuri can Sonia stay with us for some days. Balwant is puzzled. Sonia says no, I will do the arrangements. Gunjan says no, she is being shy. She asks Sonia to stay here as it will be easy, as she teaches Bharatnatyam to Bansuri. Ratan says Gunjan is right. Bansuri says why not, she can stay here, fine. Everyone smile. Gunjan says you can stay here as family. Sonia nods yes and thinks what is Gunjan trying to do, after all this happened between us, she is hiding something.

Balwant asks Gunjan what is she doing, why did she make Sonia stay here, she was crying yesterday and said she has made everyone against you, you invited her today and want her to stay here, why this. Gunjan asks do you trust me. He says yes. She says then let me do this, I m happy doing this. He says my happiness lies in yours. Ranvi talks to Gunjan and asks her to make him eat sweets. She gives him. He says this way, and opens his mouth. She says here, infront of everyone, we are not in our room. He says so what, no one is seeing, make me eat. Someone calls her and the sweet falls. She leaves. Veera slips looking for Baldev and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Music plays………….

Veera and Baldev are in dark room finding something and their hands touch. Bansuri comes and sees him with Veera, as she falls on him and they look awkward.

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