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Veera Episode 469--470 Update on Thursday 18th May 2017

The Episode starts with Veera slipping and Baldev holding her. They have an eyelock. Yaara ve……………plays……………He asks her is she impressing anyone with this good looks and getup. She says you and the power goes. He asks will she able to walk in darkness. She nods yes. He says fine, be careful. I will start generator and come. He leaves. Veera says what happened to me, I was unable to talk to him. I could not tell him, but I m confident, I will tell him today. He tries to start the generator but it does not come. Baldev thinks what to do. Veera comes to him and he sees her. He says you here. She says yes, I actually……….. thought to help you.

He says yes, help, don’t know its not working, I can’t see anything in darkness. He asks her to bring candles. She looks for candles and he comes to find. They look together and their hands touch. Music plays………….. They look at each other. Happy shappy wala love…………….plays…………….. Bansuri comes there. Veera slips and falls on him. Bansuri comes in and asks Baldev is he here. They stay quiet. She leaves. Veera moves back and says generator. He says yes yes, generator. She leaves. He starts the generator and happily turns to say her. He sees she has gone.

Its morning, Ratan says jashan was good. Chaiji says yes, everyone was talking about Veera and Baldev, that the new techniques they havelearnt are very nice. Ratan says yes, its profitable also. She says polyhouse will take much money, we have to convince everyone. Ranvi says yes, I think we should talk to them gathering them at one place. He says Veera we have to writer letter to get sponsors. Veera says I will send application online. Gunjan asks Ranvi to bring vegs. Veera says I will go, I m done with food. She leaves.

Gunjan says Sonia is going to at house, I felt I should go there too for few days. Ratan says no need to ask us, you can go, Sonia will get your company. Chaiji says stay till you want, don’t worry about us. Gunjan thanks them. Ranvi gets worried. Gunjan sees him thinking. She comes to him and asks what happened. He is annoyed. She smiles. She does not ask him again and starts packing her bag. He calls her mobile to get her attention but she ignores seeing it. He calls again.

She asks why is he doing this. He says I m annoyed, as you are leaving me and going for so many days, I will miss you. She pulls his cheeks and says I m going for few days, when you miss me, come and meet, so shall I not go. He says no, you go. He says its good, they will be happy, you will also feel good. O rabba…………plays………….. He hugs her. They say they will miss each other. Gunjan thinks she has a big aim, so she has to go.
Veera comes on the bike to the mechanic asking him to check the tyre air. She sees Baldev there and says you She sees its someone else and she is imagining Baldev everywhere. She buys some vegs and again sees Baldev as the veg vendor. She sees Baldev as icecream vendor and says why are you following me, go. The man asks what happened. Few men come to Sonia for her house repair. Sonia says I did not call anyone. Gunjan comes and says I called them, as you will be staying at our house, come with me, lets pack your bag. Sonia says no.

Baldev is doing some work and Veera sees him. She thinks its not him again. She whats happening and scolds him for following her. She says I know you are fooling me, I know you are in my mind. He says I will be in your mind if you have a mind. They both fall down from the stairs. She holds her head. He says are you mad, what are you saying, till you came from Poland, you are doing strange things. She says what. Everyone come and asks Baldev is he fine. Baldev says yes, don’t know what happened to her. Veera says no, I m fine.

She asks what was he doing. He says I was cleaning the tree dead leaves, as I was helping them. She says sorry and leaves. He says what happened to her now. Gunjan brings Sonia home and Sonia greets her parents. Balwant says your room is there, Gunjan will show. Gunjan takes her. Sonia thinks Gunjan brought me here, but won’t make me stay here, as I will trouble them a lot. Its night, Veera thinks she has to get embarrassed. Chaiji comes to her and asks her to sleep. Veera says sit, I have to talk to you.

She tells her problem saying its her college friend’s love story. She asks what should she do now, she is unable to tell the guy. Chaiji tells the story of her friend who loved someone and could not tell him, he got married to someone else. She says I feel love is a beautiful thing, you should tell the guy. She says love is from Lord, and if we can love Lord, then why not Lord’s made creatures. She says tell your friend to admit her feelings to that guy else she will regret. She says now you sleep. Veera thanks her and says Chaiji is right maybe, feelings should not be hidden, I don’t want to regret, I should not get late in telling my feelings to Baldev, I will propose him tomorrow.

Balwant tells Bansuri that Baldev’s room was so mess up. He says I m seeing his habits, who will marry him. Veera comes and says I. They look at her.
The Episode starts with Gunjan being positive to Sonia. Sonia insults Bansuri’s handmade daal and she gets annoyed. Gunjan says its fine, I will make it for you from tomorrow, as you like.
Ranvi wakes up and misses Gunjan. He says I m not getting sleep without her, what will she be doing now, she might be missing me too and counting stars. He calls her and she talks to him acting as if she was sleeping. He says sorry, I did not knew this, I thought you are awake, you sleep. She laughs and says I was pulling your leg, what did you think I will sleep without hearing or seeing you, now I will get good sleep after hearing your voice, I m missing you a lot, give me a kiss. He says on phone. She says yes. He says I don’t know this. She says its easy, see like this. She kisses him on phone and says now you. He says I really don’t know this. She says I don’t know, give it now. He gives it and she laughs. She says it was very strange, but you will learn till I m here, goodnight my hero. He smiles and sleeps.

Sonia comes in the living room to get water. Baldev comes there and asks what happened, do you need anything. She says no, its new place so not getting sleep. He says talk to me, I make elders sleep too. She says why will you spoil sleep for me. He says no, I m not sleeping now, I have to eat gulab jamuns and then play games. He gives her the gulab jamuns and talks to her. She smiles. He says Biji makes it very well. She asks about his Poland trip. He tells about the tasks and the hardwork, but it was fun to be with Veera. He says I don’t used to work here, but there I did good work, I went to see the city. Shea asks about food. He says they joke on food’s name, really bad, I wish I don’t go there again.

He says Veera is right, this is not our Pind. She says looks like she is your good friend. He says yes, we are just friends, else we were enemies since childhood. We still fight, the whole Pind knows about this. He asks why is she alone and how does she stay alone without family, friends. She says I don’t think of anyone. He says fine, I know jokes on doctors, shall I tell you. Gunjan looks at them. Sonia laughs on his jokes and Gunjan smiles seeing her. Sonia too sees her and says I will leave now, feeling sleepy. Baldev says I told you. She goes to her room.

Gunjan says Sonia can get rid of the pain by being happy, its my promise to make her happy. Its morning, Balwant tells Bansuri about Baldev’s bad habits and she argues defending Baldev. He says he is sleeping till now, who will marry a guy like him. Veera comes in and says I……… They look at her. She gets tensed thinking what did she say. She says can I come in. Balwant says yes, come. She says I had some work with Baldev. They say he is sleeping and he won’t wake up even if anyone try. Veera says I will wake him up. He says go.

Veera comes to his room and sees its so messy. She says he should have a girl like me, only I can manage this. She says Baldev get up and he does not get up. She says I have to think and sees toothpaste. She smiles and takes it. She applies it to his face. Baldev wakes up and she falls on him. He is shocked seeing her and they have an eyelock. He says you here, what are you doing. Music plays………….. He asks whats all this paste and applies it to her nose. She says I was waking you, you did not get up, so I did this to wake you up, I want pics of Poland’s farming pics.

He says yes, its in camera, take this. She thinks she will tell her feelings to him. She asks him to meet her at 4pm, as she will return the camera. She takes the camera and leaves. He says she looks changed, don’t know what is the matter. Ranvi calls Gunjan in morning and then realizes she went to her Maayka. He does not get the hanky and calls Gunjan. He asks him and she guides it.

Ranvi calls her again asking his wallet, though he already has it, he wants reasons to call her and keeps asking different things. She tells him where are the things. She says I know you are making reasons to call me, go to the field now. Veera sees her and Baldev’s pics. Yaara ve…………..plays………….Chaiji sees her smiling and asks her why is she smiling. Veera hides the pics and says just like that. She asks her if people are in love, how do they feel. What do you talk. Chaiji asks what happened to you. Veera says my college friend, not me.

Chaiji says then fine, love reaches to heart from eyes, and we don’t know, smile stays on the face and everything looks good, you feel good to spend time with someone, then understand its love. Veera hugs her. She says I will go to my room, I have work on my laptop. Ranvi comes to meet Gunjan while she was thinking that she might have made Ranvi annoyed. She asks why did you not go for work. He says I used to see your face and go, so came here. He asks for a hug. He says you kissed me at night on phone and asked me too. She smiles and hugs him. Baldev walks in and smiles seeing them. He says hmm…… and they move back. Baldev says Ranvi, when did you come. Ranvi says just going. He leaves. Baldev smiles.

Veera says a new day, I will tell Baldev and rehearses, Her voice does not come well and she thinks how will I tell him my feelings now

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