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Italian Bride Episide 64 Update on Friday 19th May 2017

The doctor is about to hand over the DNA result to Sonia and Osvaldo when Belinda joins them. She tries to get Osvaldo out of the office; Osvaldo wants to know result first. Fiorella lied to Eloisa in order to leave the ranch. Last night she and Pedro decided to go the police station together so she can testify. They go over the plan and Pedro takes advantage to ask her run away with him. He wants them to be far away, she is the woman of his life. Fiorella tells him he is also the man of her life and they kiss. Osvaldo finally opens the result and it states he is the father of the child. Sonia is relieved, Osvaldo smiles he is going to be a father. So Fiorella and Pedro have made up once again, let see for how long. Fiorella decides to change the sweet atmosphere and brings up Sonia. Pedro wants her to listen to him not what others say.

He loves her, she also loves him, they hug, kiss and smiles. Gael enters Gianna’s bedroom and sees her lying unconscious on the floor. He revives her and carries her away. Frederica questions Dante again about the accident at the company. Eloisa runs into them and Frederica makes up an excuse and leave. Eloisa is now worried because Sergio hasn’t return home. Dante asks her to not worry and reminds her about her son lifestyle.

Sergio is having a hard time in his cell; he requests to speak with his lawyer. He will be allowed during visiting hours just like the rest. Dianna requests to speak with Vittorio; she first has to describe his wedding day. Gael takes Gianna to his car and insists on taking her to the hospital. Benito sees them; Gianna tells him she is collapse. Benito agrees to go with them to the hospital. Aitana’s father wants his daughter to work in the company so she can gather some information for him. Fiorella, Pedro and Julieta go to the police station.

They give their statement in favor of Sergio but unfortunately it isn’t enough to free him. Sergio’s ID card is enough evidence that Sergio actually set the house on fire. Dante went to Sergio favorite joint but no news of him. Eloisa watches TV and find out about Sergio’s arrest in the news. She takes her frustration on evil Dante, to make matters worse; Pedro grants an interview outside the police station. Fiorella and Julieta stand behind him alongside the family lawyer. Fiorella interrupts the interview; Pedro had to drag her away. Dianna tells Vittorio about the call she made to Italy.

She couldn’t hear the man properly but she is sure the man said Fiorella swindle him. Vittorio tells her Fiorella never mention anything to him. Dianna knows he is all excited about the wedding but she wants him to know who is getting married to. Gael and Benito keep arguing about who knows Gianna well in front of the doctor. She asks them to leave so she can speak to the doctor alone. Frederica informs her spy at the company about the conversation she had with Rosario. Benito and Gael take their argument outside the doctor’s office. Gael calm down when Benito tells him about the conversation he had with the doctor. They decide to eavesdrop on Gianna and the doctor conversation. The doctor informs her she had at least 5 to 6 months live if the drugs don’t work. Eloisa now interrogates Fiorella, Julieta and Pedro.

Eloisa is worried about the scandal Sergio’s arrest will create. Fiorella tells her what other think isn’t important, the most important things is to get Sergio out of jail.
Eloisa shuts her down and asks her to keep quiet, she doesn’t need her opinion. Pedro and Julieta defend Fiorella, Eloisa is annoyed because Fiorella lied to her. Eloisa wants Pedro to worry about getting his father out of jail instead of defending Fiorella. Pedro agrees but he doesn’t want her to be harsh on Fiorella. He asked her to come with him to the police station to give her statement. Julieta also takes full responsibility for the trap against Anibal. Aitana tells Roxana she wants to work with Pedro in the company. Sonia and her mother celebrate. Despite everything Sonia is glad to be a mother and can’t wait to decorate the baby’s room. Osvaldo takes his father job seriously, and reminds his wife she is not allowed to drink coffee. Gael wants to know what the doctor told Gianna. Benito asks him to give up; she is not going to tell him. Fiorella wants to help again in the Sergio’s case, Pedro refuses.

 He doesn’t want her to have any problem with Eloisa. Fiorella asks him he has heard from Sonia. He tells her not yet; he was worried about his father and hadn’t had time. Fiorella wants him to know if the baby is his, Sonia will need him. Vittorio doesn’t believe Dianna’s story. Gael and Benito take Gianna to her room, they start arguing again on who deserve to stay with Gianna. Gianna is fine and asks to be left alone, she wants to sleep. Gael and Benito have a chat outside about Gianna’s condition. Gianna takes a picture of herself, Fiorella and their father. She looks at her drugs, recalls her conservation with the doctor and cries. Osvaldo informs Favio he (Osvaldo) is the father of the child and warns him to stay away from his wife.

Fiorella overhears Sonia and her mother talk about he DNA result. She is relieved that Pedro isn’t the father. Eloisa yells her name and she rushes upstairs. Sergio’s cellmates make things difficult for him. Pedro arrives in the office and asks his secretary about Sonia. She is not in the office but her husband is around. Does he wants to speak to him? Just at that moment Osvaldo arrives. Pedro wonders if everything is ok, what does he means unless he is referring to the Monterrey plant. Osvaldo updates him on the deal and Pedro assures him everything will be fine. Pedro phone rings and Osvaldo leaves, Fiorella the gossip on the line. She starts with her usual long speech. Pedro is in the office and doesn’t have time so he wants her to go straight to the point. Sonia and her mother just came home, ok, did they say anything. She heard Sonia and mother saying Sonia’s child belongs to her husband. Are you serious Fiorella? OOPPPSS Pedro = basted, Aitana walks in slowly stands behind him and listen to their conversation. She asks him who is talking to, Pedro turns and says yes grandmther. Yes, you know I also love you.

Talk you later bye and he hangs up. Aitana would have love to say hi to Eloisa. Sorry Aitana, Pedro is busy, he suggests she goes to the ranch if she wants to say to Eloisa. He received a call from Sergio’s lawyer and excuses himself, Frederica runs into Aitana. Gael joins Roxana in the entertaiment room. He tells her he had to take Gianna to the hospital because she collaspe. Roxana tells him she must be the reason and tells him about the argument she had with Gianna in the morning.

Sergio’s lawyer tells Pedro the guy confessed it was a set up. His father will be soon be released, Aitana comes in and as usual she is all over him. Anibal is pissed, his lawyer just informed him about Sergio released. His accomplice wonder what will happen to his boy. Anibal tells him if they free Sergio, they will arrest him.

They start arguing, his accomplice assures him they will all end up in jail if they arrest his boy. Benito brings snacks to Gianna in her bedroom, he asks her how she is doing. He hopes he didn’t disturb her, she tells him not to worry, she doesn’t anything anyway. Pedro gives the good news to Julieta adn Eloisa, Simonetta again interfere into their conversation. Aitana joins them for dinner, Frederica passes a sarcastic comments about her presence. She feel Aitana will soon live with them since she is always at the ranch. She sees Dante and excuses herself, Osvaldo and his wife join them. Osvaldo has no intention to sleep in the same room with Sonia during the pregancy. He requests for another room, Dante and his lover discuss about the accident at the company. she tries to get more information from Dante but he tells her he never heard of the accident. Frederica doesn’t believe him, Dante was Maximo’s right hand man. She wants Dante to tell her the truth. Dante swears he knows nothing, his is only responsible for the ranch not the company. Frederica doesn’t think it was an accident, she feels Maximo was behind it. She asks Dante if Maximo ever asks him to kill anyone.

She question his faithfulness to the Angeles family. Dantes admits he killed someone for Maximo. Flashback; Dante throws Gabriel Angeles on some grass and point his gun at him. Gabriel begs him not to kill him. He will clarify everything with Maximo, Dante is only obeying instructions. Gabriel begs him not to shoot and asks him to think about his daughter Frederica. Dante tells him if he doesn’t his boss will kill him and shoot. Back to reality, Dante reminds her she has no right to question him. She also ordered him to kill Fidel, he hopes she hasn’t forgotten.

Frederica laugh and tells him she is sure his conscience is disturbing him. She however promise to include him in her vengeance if she ever find out he had something to do with her father’s death. Eloisa notices her grandson is in a good mood and wants to know why. Osvaldo tells her he just received some good news. Gael wants to know what is all about and Osvaldo is as usual rude to his little brother. Roxana defends Gael to his surprise, Belinda changes the subject. Aitana asks of Pedro, Osvaldo also notices his wife has left the table for long. Sergio is unable to sleep, one cellmate takes out his knife and tries to pick up a fight with another cellmate.

They end up fighting among themselves in the cell. The cellmate with the knife takes advantage of the fight and stab Sergio. Pedro and Sonia meet in his study, he tells her he already know Osvaldo is the father of her child. He tells her she was right, when she advises they wait until the result is out. She tries to talk but Pedro doesn’t let her, he tells her he feels free and tranquil. She finally yells his name and gets his attention, she tells him Osvaldo doesn’t know the truth. Pedro wonders what truth, she tells him she made Osvaldo believe he is the father of the child so he doesn’t give him. Pedro wonders what she is talking about. She tells him the DNA result is fake and give him what she claim is the actual result. She tested it against the hair sample Pedro gave her. Pedro opens the envelop and the result states he is the father.

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