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Jodha Akbar Episode 138--139 Update on Friday 19th May 2017

The episode begins with ... Ruku praising Ma and for her tarkeeb .ma thanks for her support ..
Ruks says she had control over Jalal's brain
MA says jala was doing this nikah for putting down Jo
Ruks is very happy that once ben was begum then Jo would become khaas in
place of Jo and she will be thrown out of Agra
ma tells ruks to make sure that the nikah happens fast
In her room Jo os crying buckets .. For jalal's life in danger due to Ben .. That
she would not be able to sace him from ben now that ben was his begum
Moti says that she was crying not because of ben but because she was in love
with jalal that he was marrying Ben because jo had pushed him away amd jala
was doing this to put down Jodha

Jo scolds moti for thinking this .
Jalaltells atgah to make thenpreperationd of his wedding with ben
Moti .continues to tell jo that since she had pushed him away jala was very
unhappy he was very restless
That he dod care about her
And that jo too was very unhappy for Jalal
Jo refuses every thing
Moti then tells her not to think about jalal
Jo says he was her pati it was her duty to save his life
She is about to utter that she loved jala but she stops
Else where jala is thinking about jo and her shart before marriage that he had

In her room Ben is all dressed as a begum and telling Zakira how her plans had
come to bear fruit .. How she had jumped into the well how she shed fake tears
to gain sympathy of shehenshaha and fooled ruks MA. And jalal ... Into agreeing
to marry her to The shehenshah laughs ...
How she had jalal around her little finger
Zakira says that she was going to become Jalal's begum soon ..
Ben replies that yes she was surely going to become behum but not jalal's ... But
Abul Mali's ..
Soon after her closeness with Jalala she would kill him .. Free Abul Mali .. And
marry him after he took over the sultanat .. And she would rule as Abul Mali's
begum .. Smiles ...

Jo goes to the prison to meet sharifuddin
Sharifu is surprised
Jo says jala is going to marry Ben she had no way of stopping this
Sharifu comments that she loves jala too much ..
Jo wanted a way to stop the wedding
Sharifu says he had a way to stop this wedding but it was dangerous
He tells her to catch ben red handed .. Tells her to stop ben's supply of snakes
... Then she would crave for snake poison then she would show her real face
Jo leaves after hearing this

Maula Salim chishti predicts predicts that times were about to change for the
moghil sultanat soon after the present dark clouds blew away ..
Jala is discussing with hameeda his decision to marry Ben ..
Ben comes there she expresses her desire to visit the dargah on the banks of
yamuna as it was her mother's desire for her to visit that place before her

Jala accepts visiting that place as it was nek khayal
Ben discusses that jalal had easily agreed to the plan
Ben thanks zakira for the idea ..
Ben wants to finish off her job tonight
Zakira tells ben that while going to the dargah ben would be along with Jala on
the boat as they crossed the yamuna .. That was the best time for ben to bite
Ben thinks that after. Killing jalal she would free Abul Mali and marry him .. And
imprison all her enemies and rule with Abul Mali...

Precap:Night-time, Big Ben to-be Begum & Jalal on a boat.
She suddenly falls and Jalal catches her exclaiming, "sambhaal ke!"
Benazir : Shukriya Shahenshaah, Aap Hume hamesha sambhaal lete hain. Pata nahin is zindagi mein Hum Aapke ehsaan chukaa paenge ya nahin." Jalal is looking at her
Suddenly, Jodha & Saleema materialize behind a tree. Jodha has got bows & arrow and Aim at Benazir
The arrows hit Benazir & Jalal looks at her in Shock

Jalal and Benazir leave for the Dargah trip on boat. Jalal looked pre-occpupied in his thoughts and hardly looked at Benazir.While they get seated,Benazir suggests that she could row the boat quite well,there was no need of a boatman. Jalal tells her that there was no need of her to do that,there was a person to do it after-all. When she keeps stressing on it,Jalal asks the boatman to leave.

All the soldiers stay at the riverbank (how thoughtful of them! ) As the boat reaches the middle of the river,Benazir who was rowing the boat,purposely stands up,pretends to fall and puts her hands on Jalal for support. Jalal looks at her in annoyance. She tries moving close to Jalal. Just then,Jodha appears behind some bushes somewhere near the banks of the river. She aims her bow at Benazir and then fires 5 arrows at Benazir. With the strike,Benazir tumbles over and falls into the river. Jalal looks at the falling lady in shock.
Just then,Salima brings back Jodha into her senses. Jodha was just thinking about the aftermath all the while. What she does now,is that she shoots the arrows,but not at Benazir,but around her,making it seem like,someone was trying to attack them,so they would duck for protection. Jalal immediately pulls Benazir down and as he bends down for cover,a few nails on the boat pierce his palm He then picks up the oar and starts rowing the boat to take the boat towards the ban. The soldiers are now alarmed and they then start looking for the archer.Little did they know that it was Jodha.

Salima warns Jodha about the soldiers,Jodha remembers a short-cut closeby,which Jalal himself had told her about when they had come here for their boatride during their Amer Trip Thus Jodha,Salima and Moti escape. As they reach the palace,Salima praises Jodha's skills. While they were still conversing in the balcony,Jalal and Benazir return to the palace,Jalal orders that the attacker be caught soon. Jodha and Salima are watching all this from the balcony. When all the soldiers leave alond with Benazir and some maids,Jalal looks up at Jodha,thinks for a while and then walks off.

A Deewaan-E-Khaas is called upon soon. While a hakim tends to Jalal's injured palm,he pays little attention to it,saying this was a small wound. He then shifts to more important discussions about the attack. When he asks Atga to update him about their findings about the attck,Atga tells him that the soldiers couldn't find the attacker,but they managed getting hold of some arrows from that area. By the looks of it,they could confirm that these arrows were of the Mughals So it means it must have been someone from the palace OR it must be one of ABul's men who were trying to create confusion about the culprit. Abul had said that he would attack the shahenshah soon,afterall.

Jalal who had been in deep thoughts all the while,replies with a firm NO. If the attacker had come there to attack Jalal,the arrows would have pierced atleast some part of his body. But it didn't. Atga says that he must have not aimed it properly. Jalal was very sure though. He repeats the same again,he says that it can't be. The attacker was aiming at Benazir. But then who and why? As the thinks deeper,he then says that it maybe someone from the 'Avaam' who feels Benazir si a vishkanya. As he thinks again,he has a "eureka" moment and he almost utters the name of the attcker,but he abruptly says "takhliya". As everyone leaves,he asks Jodha to wait.

With scrutinizing eyes,he calmly asks Jodha,what she thinks about the attack. Jodha starts fidgetting with her dupatta,but comes up with some answer. But Jalal digs deeper,he asks her,who does he think must have attacked him? Stammering,she manages saying,it must be one of his enemies. Jalal replies,saying,no it can't be,the arrows didn't even touch me. It seemed as though the attacker didn't want to harm me. It didn't even seem as though the attacker wanted to kill Benazir.It simply seemed as though someone wanted to stop Benazir and me to reach other side of the river. Jodha nods and says,yes,it must be.Someone must have not wanted them to go together.Jalal says"Hmm,but who?Who could want to stop us?" Jodha doesn't reply.
Looking at her,with subtle expressions,he then says "You?Jodha Begum,even you didn't want me to go with her,did you? So was that you?...No..No,you wouldn't. You wouldn't,would you?". He then leaves,smiling gently.

Jodha comes back to her chamber now,when Salima comes to meet her,enquiring about her conversation with Jalal. And sighs in relief when she finds Jodha intact in her chamber,assuming that Jalal didn't get to know and that's why she was peacefully seated in her chamber. But Jodha says no,he knows! Salima panics. Jodha says "Yes. He knows. The way he spoke to me,the kind of questions he is obvious that he knows. But he didn't punish me. But then,why didn't he?"
(Uff Jodha! Because he loves you! )
Next scene,Benazir is tensed that she lost another chance of killing Jalal. Jodha arrives and tells her that as long as Jodha is alive,she wouldn't be able to kill Jalal. Benazir mocks her and says,you know that I'm and vishkanya and yet you come unarmed,aren't you afraid that I will kill you? Jodha says she is a rajvanshi,she doesn't fear death. Benazir comes close and touches her,Jodha pushes her and says "Hato!Ghrinit jantu" (Ghrinit jantu=kaneez praani)
Jodha warns her again and tells her to stay away from the shahenshah. Benazir laughs and teases her saying "Oh! Itni mohabbat!". Jodha says "No. Its my duty."
She adds on to say "But you wouldn't understand that Benazir.So,let it be.But Im warning you,all your attempts to kill him are going to be wasted."

As Jodha leaves,Benazir tells Zakira that there is some person who had told her he could be of help.If he can't enter the palace,she herself will have to go out and meet him.
Cut to,Jalal is seated in the angoor garden,as a hakim comes to tend to his palm. Jodha sends him away and says that she had bought her special marham As she sits beside him (ahem ),Jalal asks her politely" what problem do you have with the hakims? you never let them do their work."

Meanwhile,Ruqaiya's voice is behind heard,as she is shouting at the soldiers for leaving the shahenshah,just because he said so,when it was obvious that he is at danger at all times. They could have atleast gone on other boats. She then orders that the security personnel be doubled. The shahenshah will be safeguarded 24x7.

Jalal looks at her and then turns around to look at Jodha. As she applies the "marham",with a straight face intact,he says to her "This is another of your weird habits. Hurt me first and then apply medicine." Jodha looks at him,stunned.
Precap : Salima and Jodha are discussing about Benazir when Moti calls for them near the window. As they look out,they see Benazir walking out of the palace,disguised as a maid and a chaddar(blanket) on her head salima tells jodha that they should also change their get up and follow her.

Episode starts with Jodha and Jalal sitting in the open Palace garden. Jodha says to Jalal that you have got wounded while you were saving Benazir. I am not responsible for this wound. Jalal says yes! But you very well know that somewhere behind this wound, you are there.
Jodha says I don't get what you mean and Jalal replies Samajhdaar ko ishaara kaafi hota hai (A hint is enough for wise people).
Ruqaiya comes and asks Jalal that why didn't he let soldiers go with him,..If he doesn't care, then She'll have to take some step.

Jalal says to Ruqaiya that he knows She cares for him from her heart, and that She is not pretending. But calm down.. See that I am still safe
after the attack. Ruqaiya retorts and says No..even if you think everything is normal doesn't mean everything is fine. You don't care for yourself
but I do.
Jodha says to Jalal that please put this medicine on your wound otherwise it will deepen. Ruqaiya agrees with Jodha.
As Jodha is about to put the lep on Jalal's wound, Ruqaiya stops her by holding her hand and takes away the lep, saying that she'll put it.
Jalal smiles (rather smirks).

Jodha is shocked and she gets up. Ruqaiya says to her that She's Mallika-e-Khaas Because not even Shahenshah can interfere in her work. (Jalal looks at Ruqaiya)
She asks Jodha to leave as she doesn't want a third person to interfere between her and Jalal.
Jodha is all shocked, looks back at Jalal (who also looks at her) and then she leaves.
Ruqaiya puts the lep on his wound, whereas Jalal is not much bothered..he looks away from her.
Scene shifts to Hameeda who is doing her namaaz and Salima enters her room. Both greet each other.
Hameeda asks Salima whether any further investigation happened or not..whether they found any clue about Benazir being a Vishkanya.
Salima says No, not yet. But Jodha begum has seen her. Moreover She has separated her from Shahenshah as well.

Hameeda asks How and Salima narrates her the whole incident as how Jodha had shot arrows.
After listening to it, Hameeda gets up in shock and anger so as to confront Benazir. Salima stops her and says Jodha Begum is doing the same work.
She also says that they should remain away from this issue. Hameeda asks why..
And Salima says Because I have understood that Jodha begum ke dil mein Shahenshah ke liye Mohabbat jaag chuki hai..And thats why
she's doing all this.. And I want that Shahenshah should know that it was solely Jodha begum who was doing all her might to save him.

Hameeda praises Salima Begum on her selflessness. And Salima says that Jodha is her sister.
Both pray that soon everything would be fine.

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