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The  president of Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG), Alex Nartey, has unreservedly condemned the escalating rate of mob actions in the country,  linking it to the fall of morals and discipline in Ghanaians.

He observed that Ghanaians have over the years failed to believe in democracy and the rule of law because we do not understand the principles that underpin the rule of law thereby making the country an uncivilised one.

He was speaking on the Big Breakfast Show on Sunyani - based Sky Fm on Thursday in relation to the death of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama who was allegedly mistaken as an armed robber, and  brutally lynched and charred to death at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region.

"I don't know whether our education system is to be questioned?  We don't have morals and principles. Everybody is justifying what he is doing however wrong it is, and we say we are a civilised country. If you are civilised, you allow the systems to work.  A civilised country is a nation whose people respect their leaders and the rules and regulations"

Urging the media to educate the public to eschew lawlessness and be responsible, he cautioned politicians to be very objective in their assessment of issues that affect the rule of law and the processes of the court.

The Judicial System is competent

Reacting to the perception widely held by most Ghanaians that the Judicial service is corrupt, leading to people finding mob actions better than resorting to the court for justice,  Mr Nartey maintained that the courts were still competent to deliver justice.

He maintained the problem was the institutions but the corrupt minds of many Ghanaians who are unwilling to cooperate with leaders. "Because we are all corrupt in our minds, we think that everybody is corrupt," he added. 

"It is very unfortunate that people are trying to attribute it to their own assessment of how a court works".

"People think that when you emotionally go to court with an expectation,  you must, at all cost,  get what you want without being patient with the law for it to tell you what the situation is."

He further advised Ghanaians to desist from condemning the judicial service and have respect for laws rather than driving on perceptions and go contrary to the law.

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